Happy Labor Day!!

I’m celebrating by sitting on my bee-hind!!  There are many fun things going on, but my back probably wouldn’t let me enjoy for too long. 

I didn’t freak out during the MRI.  It was plenty noisy and I was thankful I had ear protection on.  Since this was my first MRI ever, they gave me a panic button that was extremely sensitive.  My thumbs were cramping as I was trying to keep the panic button from hitting anything that would set it off!  Not easy when I kept falling asleep and would wake up just befor the thing would touch my gown.  Thankfully it was finally over and I had to rub my thumbs to relax them.  I didn’t get enough punishment from the MRI, so I went to my doc for a flu shot and a pneumonia shot.  My arms ached for several days.  I’m glad I can move them again!

Unfortunately, before they would send me to the MRI area of the building, I had to schedule my mammogram.  I figured I might as well get it over with, so Friday I went in for that.  I don’t understand why we have to wear a 20 times  too big of a gown to cover the waist up.   I kept fighting the gown to stay up while she was trying to set me up for the first mammo shot.  I had decided that modesty was out the window with the first maneuvering, so I said, “Can I just take this gown off?”  She said I could so it was much easier to relax and get squished! 

When it was time to change positions, she said, “Now slip your right arm out of the gown.”  I looked at her, then made a motion with my arm pretending to do that.  She had a good laugh!  I could tell that was a every day instruction, but leave it to me to throw a wrench in it! 

So, I’m just waiting for the doc’s office to call with the results.  Don’t ya just love the waiting game?  I don’t play that game well!

So there is a rib cookoff going on in Sparks.  It’s the yearly event that brings many people to town.  Also there is Burning Man, which bring many people to the northern part of Nevada, in the middle of the desert.  I’m not a Burning man fan, but I am a rib fan.  No, not going again this year.  One of these days I’ll get there.  I’d rather spend the night in Sparks, then have to drive home right after. 

Well, that’s my exciting holiday … sitting on my rear, at this computer, about to watch the tele.  I have a book that I’ve made it about 1/4 of the way through.  Maybe I’ll finish it.

Y’all have a great holiday and stay safe!!


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