Dropped in to say “HI”

September 1st – boy howdy …. where has the time gone?

Not much new, I’m gearing up for the fall – many things happening at work as the fall season kicks off and all the ministries start up again.

I’m going in for an MRI today on my back. Unfortunately, the pain is affecting my blood sugar readings. The doc wants to see exactly what is going on so we can decide on a plan of action. He knows I don’t want surgery and I don’t think he wants that with all my other medical conditions. Once he sees the problem, we’ll have a better way to manage the pain.

Other than that, not much else is new … oh yeah, they are painting one of the offices, so we shut down work yesterday afternoon. The fumes were getting to us. It was nice, I was able to come home, relax and read.

Well, I guess it’s a new day and a new month … so off to get ready for work! Have a great day, y’all!!


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