Not very consistent

Another month almost gone.  It’s been busy on this side of the Sierras.  Still loving my job.  My worst day at my present job is so much better than my best day at the old job!!  The best thing is we can talk about God freely, why?  Because it’s a church!!  LOL … best thing in the world!

My niece is here and hanging out with us in our hot little house.  Luckily her room is shaded all day, so it doesn’t get as hot as the front room and the kitchen.  I’ve introduced her to my friend’s girls and they have gotten along so well!  It makes my heart swell!!  Right now she’s working on her summer homework.  She had summer assignments to complete before school starts at the end of August.  Since she’s here until August 12th, then goes on vacation with her dad for a week, she will only have 1 1/2 weeks to get her assignments completed.  I’m glad we talked about it, as she has about 100 sketches to do.  So I told her that she needs to focus on getting as many of her assignments done as she won’t have alot of time to accomplish them before school starts. 

We went to Michael’s today and bought her sketch pad, pen, pencils, erasers and glue.  She has one sketch done and is so creative.  She used scrapbooking paper with designs on it for the hair of her sketch.  Now she’s working on the next one.  I’m so glad she inherited the artist gene from our family!

So it’s been busy with work and keeping track of a teenager as she’s out with the girls.  But she has been very good at letting me know when she goes from place to place in a car full of girls as they go about town.  I then think back to my summer before senior year and realized I was always on the go.  Between working and summer school (so I could graduate in December of my senior year)  I was hardly ever home.  But I also had the advantage of adult siblings that I could go to and hang out, away from my parents.   

So it’s been an eye opening couple of weeks as well as a heart felt couple of weeks.  I wouldn’t exchange these weeks for anything, as it has brought me in touch with my teenage self and all that goes with the feelings of a teenager.  I’m looking forward to our remaining two weeks together.  Maybe by getting in touch  with my suppressed memories, she will have taught me something in return.


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