Have I Told You Lately That I Love





There was a wedding at work yesterday.  Next to our office is one of the kitchens … oh. my. word.  The food smelled wonderful!  By the time I got home, I was starving!!  They did offer to feed the staff, as there was plenty, but I didn’t feel right, crashing the reception, even though the food smelled so so good!!

Hubby survived the week with the grandbabies.  I had no doubt he would.  He took care of the 3 grandchildren while their mom and dad were at work.  Ages are 8 soon to be 9, 4 soon to be 5 and 4 mos (I think) … I probably have all these ages wrong as time has flown by and I get the ages confused with the other grandchildren.  He said taking care of the baby was the easiest of all three!  I should have asked him for a baby when he came home … LOL … unfortunately, babies, like puppies, grow up!

We are trying to cut back on our carbs again … but so hard to do when meat is expensive.  HAH, I say this as I eat a bowl of Corn Pops … but breakfast doesn’t count.  You need the carbs to get the brain and body going in the morning.  Plus breakfast is burned up faster than dinner.  But, we are back on it, as I need to lose my weight … again …  in hopes that it will release the pressure on my sciatic nerve, back, hips, thighs, knees, calves, ankles … HAH

I need to have a blood test to find out if I am missing something in my system that is causing my severe leg cramps.  The doc and I are hoping that it is just a supplement that I can add to my daily routine.  The absolute worse case scenario would be a muscle disease, but I’m not even going to go there.  It is on the very back of my mind … but … I’m trying to keep it there and not bring it to the front and get all freaked.

We finally received our insurance cards on Thursday, 7/14/11.  Our insurance was effective 7/1/11 … words cannot explain the frustration … as we had to wait to get meds refilled as well as waiting to get my blood drawn.  The one great thing about our new insurance (actually it’s hubby’s from his retirement) is that our blood test strips that are usually $35 per refill is now $7.00.  I am so thankful for that as when we would run out of strips, we had to wait until we had an extra $35 to purchase them.  The doc wasn’t happy about that.  We went months without daily blood sugar readings, for our follow up visits.  Now … hmmm …. we don’t have an excuse!  LOL

So instead of getting a baby, we are getting a teenager.  Well, a teenager for a month that is.  Our 16 or 17 (hah, I can’t remember) year old niece will be here on Tuesday and is staying until August 12th.  Long story short, we almost adopted her when she was a baby.  But things didn’t work out as planned, which was probably a good thing, as we almost divorced since the time we were to adopt her.  So having her visit, is exciting.  The house is a disaster again, but we’ll have her room and bathroom ready by Tuesday.

Well, I guess I should go as I’m gonna visit my bestest friend for a couple of hours.  Have a great weekend!!



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