Cleaning out my desk

Eleven years of sitting at this desk, with a 9 month hiatis I took in 2003.  Oh. My.Word.  Where does all this crapola come from???  However, I did find things I stashed away so they wouldn’t get taken out of my desk.  Unfortunately, I had forgotten where I stashed them!    Not to mention used staples … did the used staples have one heck of a party and multiply? 

Now if you are a neat freak, then you will be disgusted with this post.  But there were used staples (which come off the staple puller … NO, I’m not one to clean out the puller each time I use it); rubber bands of all sizes; blank credit card slips waiting to be filled in; small key envelopes; change (where in the heck did the change come from); small and big paper clips; a single hole punch (I knew we had one somewhere!); binder clips of many sizes; a tape measure; a pack of yellow grease pencils (again, I knew I had them somewhere!); a pack of red grease pencils (huh, I forgot about those); a glass cutter (and I told everyone that I didn’t have one, doh!); a small scale ruler; a 12″ ruler; pens (I had to hide the good pens as they would get taken from my drawer); red, blue & black ink for the stamps; hole reinforces; pop up 3 x 3 sticky notes (a whole lotta them!); hanging file lables with the plastic tabs; and that was only my top drawer.  I’m sure there were other things, but all these items were just mixed up as if someone put them all in a paint shaker machine and then threw them in my drawer!   LOL

I won’t even tell you about the other drawers … pretty funny … it was like opening a time capsule … I was amazed at all the things I was finding!

I spent five hours at the lake yesterday.  Besides the desk clearing, I had unfinished projects upstairs that I wanted to complete.  I moved a filing cabinet, although the guys will have to adjust it, as truck tires and the folded ping pong table were in the way, but I have those drawers organized and marked with big black marker.  

Today I’m going up for a couple of hours.  I have to dust my desk and go over a few things with the office manager.  Then I’m outta there … well, sorta kinda … through the summer, as the flood gates have been opened and business up there went from dead slow to rocket busy, I will be working Wed. nights and Sunday mornings doing window quotes for the saleman.  Hey, it’s better than working a part-time job at Walmart or Target … We could use the extra funds to get caught up on the bills and hopefully pay a few off.

So that is my excitement … lol … although I am excited about being at my new job full time.  So many things to do and it was hard to get into them only working 2 days a week.  Plus I have a new dragon to slay … The massive super duper do everything but cook me dinner copy machine/Printer.  I love new challenges, don’t you?


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