What is this???

Last night I went to bed with a little irritation in my throat.  This morning, a full on fire is blazing in my throat!  What the heck?!?!?!?! 

When I think about it, I’m not too surprised, as the people I sat with on the plane were coughing away.  *sigh*

It’s probably a good thing, I can also ask the doc about my hip!  I REFUSE to have surgery, so if he starts heading down that road, this visit could get interesting!

This valley and the mountains were visited by snow yesterday.  I know it has snowed here in June before, but really, hasn’t there been enough of that white stuff falling down?  I think all of us, including those die hard snow lovers are very sick of the white stuff!

It is still cold in this house.  The dog has gone back to bed to snuggle under the covers.  I should be there also as I was awake at 2:30 am, only to go back to sleep around 6:00 am. 

I watched Ralph Macchio on DWTS last night and saw how he went down in rehearsals due to the pain in his leg.  I looked at hubby and said, “I feel his pain!”  There are times I cannot put weight on my right leg, other times I can walk, but there’s still pain.   I’ve had hubby rub my right side of my back all the way down to the gluteus maximus.  When he gets to that area I yelp in pain.  So muscle relaxers and bengay have been my friends these past few days.  When I got to WOG (Bible Study), last night, it wasn’t too bad.  After sitting for 2 hours, I had a hard time getting up and had to take baby steps so I wouldn’t over extend my hip.  I’m really getting tired of my body doing wierd crap!!

Today is my Vegas sis’s birthday.  It’s wierd to know she’s in her early 60’s.  My oldest sis (KC sis) in on the downward slide to 70.  Seventy!!  Wow, I remember when these ages seemed unfathomable and old!  All you young’ns out there, these ages will arrive faster than a speeding bullet, so enjoy each day, before your body decides to rebel!

I’ve been wandering around twitter.  There is this one twitter account that list celebrities accounts.  It was quite comical as each one would say, I am the real so and so!!  After reading all this, I had to post onto my twitter account that I was the real Dobegil.   HAHAHA, things I do to amuse myself!

Getting back to DWTS, Chelsea and Mark … I like Mark but I’m not a big Chelsea fan.  So she hasn’t received any of my votes.  Romeo is doing good, but again, he just doesn’t do it for me.  Hines Ward on the other hand … Oh. My.  Killer smile that man has!! Killer smile!!  It’s great to see him so frustrated in rehearsals, but once he gets out on that dance floor with that smile, he wows the crowd and me!  I am becoming a Steeler fan, with Troy and Hines on that team!!  I admire Kirstie.  Sixty years old and out there working her butt off, litterally!  She didn’t get enough salsa dancing last night, she managed to get everyone to a salsa club to continue on.  How fun would that be?!?  I dislike Tuesday result nights.  But, Usher is going to be on tonight!  I have to watch, he’s such a cutie!!

Steven Tyler has a new song out on Itunes.  I’ve heard it and I actually like it.   Amazing!

How many of you are Gleeks?  I don’t remember if I’ve admitted this before or not, but hubby and I are becoming Gleeks.  It’s all my office manager’s fault!  Because she would talk about it, we ended up watching Glee and Idol this season.   I’m amazed hubby watches with me!  He’s so cool like that!

Well, it’s now 10:15 am.  I think it’s siesta time.  Talk at ya later!

One thought on “What is this???

  1. Not too uncommon to get sick after a period of stress, and although the trip was good, traveling itself can definitely be stressful.

    Cold down here, too. I actually had to haul the heater back out last night!

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