Miss Me?

I know, I’ve been back since Tuesday night and it is now Friday … what the heck??  Well, Wednesday I had to work and Thursday I recouped from the trip.  I was beat!

My trip didn’t start out that great as I sat in the plane at the gate a little over an hour and a half.  Reason?  They were trying to determine if the plane was going to fly, as the engine wouldn’t stay fired up.  Um, hello!!!  Last I looked, an engine is a major component in making a plane fly … one passenger got off.  Which got me thinking … you know when you hear stories about plane crashes or some other disaster, there is always that one person that gets off or doesn’t make the plane/train/boat and gives the interview about why?  Yeah, I was sitting there wondering!  Wondering if I’d make it to Dallas.  Wondering if I’d make the connection.  Wondering WTH am I doing still on this plane. 

Then to reassure me even more, the pilot gets on the intercom and says, I’m just waiting to get the paperwork, I think I can still fly this plane to Dallas.  HAH, okay, keyword… “Think” … I was doing alot of praying during that time on the ground!  Plus my bestest friend was also praying me through … YAY!!

Let’s just say the ride down the runway was pretty slow and the noise just wasn’t as loud as all the other plane rides I took on this trip.  I was just a tad bit freaked when they annouced that this plane was going to continue to Norfolk, however, everyone had to get off the plane, as they were going to depart from another gate … HAH … so … does that mean the plane barely made it there???  Thank you God for answering prayers!

Once I got to Lincoln … I had a blast!!  Thursday night, my son and his significant other, Ashley, took me to The Twisted Fork in Omaha for dinner.  It was quite yummy and I was starving!!

Friday I had lunch with Bruce H at Lazlo’s.  Then we had ice cream at Ivana Cone!  As I told Bruce, you could tell this ice cream was a guilty pleasure as neither of us said anything, until our ice cream was gone!  It was so much fun to finally meet Bruce face to face!  He’s a super nice guy and from reading his blog, it was like I’ve known him forever!  I cannot wait to hear about his trip to Spain when he returns!  Countdown … getting real close now … have a great trip, Bruce!

Friday early evening, I went to Mazatlans to meet with some of the gals I worked with.  It was fun catching up.  When I left the restaurant, I met up with my son and his family at the park by his house.  It was the first time to see the grandbabies, since I arrived.  They played, ran, swung and ate pizza.  Little guy was a bit disappointed that grandpa didn’t make the trip.  I had to explain that he had to stay home and watch Freddie, the dog.  Since he remembered Freddie, he was okay with that.

Saturday was action packed as Jo had communion rehearsals and  we went to Pioneer Park.  When we moved away from Lincoln they were working on making this park super nice.  I have to tell you, it is!  And we didn’t get to see all of it.  So much to do and not enough time!  After the park we went to Jo’s soccer game.  Her team won 5 to 2 …. pretty impressive that team of girls!  Yeah, grandma was a yellin’ !!  I’d catch myself moving my legs like I’m kicking or stopping the ball.  That night they had a last minute BBQ.  Food was great and the guests were fun! 

Sunday morning, bright and early, was the Lincoln National Guard Marathon.  Since the participants ran in front of my son’s residence, we all got up and sat on the front steps and cheered them on.  Of course, all the while we were eating donuts!   There was one runner that had “H”  “I” on his gloves.  So when he ran by, he opened his hands to show us.  LOL … we laughed!  There were a few people my son knew that were running.  He saw one of them and cheered away!  There was a boy down the street with his snare drum pounding out a beat for the runners.  Later he had a cymble and his snare drum!  It may have been early, but definately worth it!!

After the cheering, Ashley had to get to work and my son took his children to their mom’s house.  We all had to get ready for the big event – First Holy Communion for Mz. Jo.   Since we had time to kill, we went to Yia Yia’s for lunch.  No, we didn’t have beer, but we definately had a slice of pizza!!  Then off to church.

Jo was so pretty in her all white dress and veil.  Yes, Grandma cried!   I got to meet Ashley’s mom and step-dad as well as see my grandbabies other grandparents.  It was great to see them.  That evening we went to dinner with Ashley’s parents at the Blue Orchid.  This restaurant is hard to find as they are at the back of a huge building.  I’m not sure they advertise much, as the food is so good, it’s become popular through word of mouth.  I hadn’t had Thai food since I was in Bangkok.  What I had was delicious!!  Dang, now I have to check out recipes to make at home!

Monday I did laundry during the day.  Made soup for dinner.  Then went to listen to Jo’s violin lesson.  Ash’s lesson is right before Jo’s so we got there in time to hear the last part of hers.  How exciting.  I’ve always wanted to learn to play violin, however, after hearing the instruction and how to hold the bow and making sure you teeter the bow as you go across the strings … yeah, I think I’ll stick with the piano and guitar, which I play both lousy!  Although I do have another secret desire to play a cello.  Yeah, I know, let’s add to my collection of piano, 2 guitars, a flute and a clarinet.  I used to play piano and clarinet well … hah … not anymore.  Way too many years since I’ve touched either!  And it is NOT true that it’s like riding a bike and you’ll remember!  Number 1, I haven’t been on a bike in a long time, that I’m thinking of getting a three wheeler just to keep my rear on the bike!  Number 2, I can’t get my right and left brain to work together and read the music to let my fingers know where they are supposed to be!  I am kicking myself for not continuing … at least with the piano!!  HAH, I can see my mom now, looking down saying, “I told you so!” 

Tuesday was a long day.  Thankfully all my flights were on time.  While I was in Dallas, I had lunch at TGIF and then went to stand at the wrong gate.  I’m glad I checked the monitors!!  When I got to the correct gate, I saw someone who looked like Bradley Whitford.  When I got on the plane he was in first class …. so I’m thinking it just might have been him.  I loved watching him, Amanda Peet and Matthew Perry on Studio 60. 

The highlight of all my flights, was the last leg from LA to Reno.  My son knows I like the aisle seats so it’s easier for me to get up to use the bathroom.  On the last leg the plane had only 3 seats per row.  So, seat C which is normally an aisle, turned out to be a window.  I’m so glad that it was!  The second best thing to being ON the beach and ocean, is FLYING OVER the beach and ocean.  We took off over the beach/ocean and turned back for a second look.  The plane was small enough that we didn’t fly 33,000 feet off the ground, so I could see so much from sand, ocean, mountains, valleys, desert, mountains and snow covered mountains.  I don’t think I had my nose away from the window that whole flight.  Great views!

So that was my trip!  Unfortunately, the last one for awhile.  Thanks to my son for flying me out and back and all the fun stuff we did in between!


2 thoughts on “Miss Me?

  1. It was a pleasure to meet you. And thank you. I will have a lot to post about when I get home. Still haven’t figured out how I’ll handle it.

  2. Personally, I only worry if the person who walks off the plane and refuses to fly on that aircraft is the pilot. (Start reading “Ask The Pilot” over on salon.com, his website, or buy his book. Seriously, will calm most of your nerves.)

    Glad to hear you had such a great trip! And you got to meet HD! Cool!

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