Wacky Weather

Is it windy where you are?  The wind is blowing like crazy.  Yesterday, there was even a small tornado in the middle of Northern Nevada.  Luckily no damages, it was on the ground for about 4 minutes.  Today it’s still blowing, I keep looking for the Big Bad Wolf trying to blow the house down.  Luckily all it blew over was the trash hopper. 

There were 6 Easter Services this weekend.  We ended up going to Saturday night at 6pm.  As usual it was a great service about Hope.  After church, we went to our friend’s house and had enchiladas.  YUMMY!  It was really good to hang with friends and talk!!

So Easter Day, for us, was quiet.  We stayed at home and lounged.  Hubby made dinner – ham, augratin potatoes from scratch, creamed corn and homemade buttermilk biscuits.  Very Yummy also!!

Other than that, not much else is going on.  I’m trying to gear up for my trip.  I never used to be a nervous flyer, but I sure have become one now.  Unfortunately, each day closer to my trip, more butterflies show up in my belly.  It’s alot like stage fright, once on the stage I’m fine … same goes for once on the plane I’m fine.   Crazy … but welcome to my world!!

I’ve been sick … hah … what else is knew!!  But on the mend.  Each day getting better, as I’ve been taking it easy.  Of course, with taking it easy, nothing gets done.  Hah … okay so what’s my excuse the rest of the weeks??  Never mind, we won’t go there!! 

So Monday Morning … the start of a new week … I hope yours turns out to be a great one!


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