How many of you have heard of a U-NO bar?  It’s similar to a truffle but in a bar shape and the chocolate covering isn’t as thick.  One can either love it or hate it!  I’m in the love it category.  It was my mom’s favorite candy bar.  It is only sold in certain places … our Raley’s grocery store has them as does the Chevron in Gardnerville.  But when you find it somewhere else, it’s a total surprise.  Funny how that is.   It’s not as creamy as a Lindt truffle, but come on, who can make creamy chocolate any better than the Swiss.  But, still yummy just the same.  When I lived in Nebraska, it was no where to be found.  My boss was a closet chocoholic and I brought him some bars when I went to Vegas for a brief visit.  He Loved Them!!  LOL, now that I think of it, it was kinda cruel as he can’t get them there.  Bad Dobegil, you are a Bad Dobegil!!  Maybe when I go out there, I’ll have to bring him some, that is if I can get them past the airport nazis!

I’m back to working only on Wednesdays.  It is pretty scary how slow business is.  But that leaves me with 6 days to do something different … well, that is if I can get my butt out of this chair and do something different!!

It was snowing at the lake yesterday and cold in the valley.  I’ve had to turn the fireplace on to warm up the living room.  Bummer, as it’s gas run.    It must be cold as I went to let the dog out of his kennel this morning, he went straight to bed and got under the covers with hubby.  Dog hasn’t moved since.  I just asked him if he wanted to go outside and he looked at me like I was crazy.  LOL, I guess he would rather stay under the covers than go outside in the cold to pee. 

Last night, the hubs was eating sunflower seeds.  The dog was to the left of him and begging for a seed, after hubby shelled it.  It was quite funny.  Dog would take his paw and grab at hubby’s arm.  I should have videoed it, it would make more sense than taking a picture.  Of course, I did neither.

The hubs hours have also been cut.  He works 1 full day one week and the next week he works 1 and 1/2 days, this schedule alternates back and forth each week.  I sure hope he gets his NRA Certificate soon, so we can get his teaching going.   “The future’s so bright I gotta wear shades!”  It’s just getting the preliminary stuff done.  He has students waiting, we just need his last certificate so we can get the insurance and get on the list. 

So really, what is in our future … is totally unknown to us.  We are hanging in and trying to enjoy the time we aren’t working.

3 thoughts on “U-NO

  1. GH – He’s getting his certifications to so he can teach some NRA classes and certify people for their CCW’s in Nevada.

    Tony – Hi and welcome. I know U-NO’s are not in the midwest and only in a few stores on the west coast. I’m not sure about the east coast … the Vermon Country Catalog used to have them. But I haven’t checked their catalog in a while. Again, it’s a love it or hate it kind of candy bar … no in between.

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