Great Visit

I’m so glad my sister not only talked us into going to Las Vegas, but also financed our trip. We had a great visit with all the family there along with my son and his children! As usual I hated to see My son and babies go back to Nebraska, but I’ll see them in a couple of weeks and I cannot wait! Three of the boy cousins BBQ’d and smoked all kinds of meat for Friday. Oh. my. We had ribs, brisket, brauts, chicken wings, wonderful beans, along with some yummy sides! As a great finish, my son made a strawberry swirl cheese cake with chocolate cookie crust. It was so very very good!!

Our son, grandkids, hubby and I went to Ethel M’s chocolate factory for a tour, then off to the strip to the M & M store and the Coca Cola store … We walked quite a bit. Silly me also ran that day … I was quite pooped.

My sis and I went on a backstage tour of the Jubilee show at Bally’s. It was so much fun!! If you ever go to Las Vegas, that is a definate tour to put on your to do list. Jubilee is the last old Las Vegas shows and the sets as well as costumes are so elaborate and amazing!! Definately worth an hour of your time. Next time I’m in Las Vegas, I’m going to the show! It looks spectacular!

Sunday, I was treated to breakfast with my daughter, son-in-law, our oldest granddaughter, as well as my son and his babies. It’s so much fun to watch them interact with each other and with the babies. Wish we all lived closer!

Well, have a great week!

4 thoughts on “Great Visit

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  2. You know, if your sister wants to finance any of my trips, I’m totally okay with that. 😉

    Sounds like a great trip and a great time with the family. And, as you know, I’m always jealous of good BBQ!

  3. GH – LOL – I thought about seeing if you wanted to make the crazy drive to Vegas, but then you’d be subjected to most of my family … LOL … not sure anyone is up for that .. although the food would probably have been worth it!!

    BH – I’ve never been to Jubilee or Folies and cirque de soleil, although I’ve seen bits on the tele … after the tour, I want to see them all, although Folies closed. I couldn’t get over how many half price ticket kiosks that were on the strip. My sis said it was because the shows are hurting and these kiosks have popped up everywhere to get the seats filled. Hmm, I should probably get tickets to see them while it’s a 2 for one price … LOL, once the economy recovers … the prices will once again be out of my reach.

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