Spring has arrived

Well, that is, in a round about way.  Old man winter is still hanging on as he’s not quite ready to give up the weather to Spring.  There were a few days last week that were beautiful.  This weekend was cooler, but then the beginning part of next week will be sunny.  Only to have another possible snow storm at the end of the week.    That’s fine with me as I’ll be in Las Vegas at the end of the week. 

My son and his children will be there and my sis wants us to come down.  So, Wednesday night, after I get off from work, we will make the drive south.  I haven’t decided if we will return on Sunday or Monday … HAH … or even at all, but we’ll see.

I went to an interview last week.  It’s a job  I would really like, but it has its downfalls.  I’m in the middle of checking out things to cover the downfalls.  I’ve also applied for another position with the county.  I guess I’ll just keep applying and see what happens.  It’s not in my hands anyway … so I might as well sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!

As I write, I hear the birds singing.  They are probably glad that spring is here also.  The robins are out again.  I’m not sure if they stayed and hid or flew south for a few more days. 

Well, I probably should get going.  We’re going to a BBQ and I have no idea what to bring.  It will be a potato something, as I only have potatoes in this house.  LOL

Y’all have a great Sunday and week!!

5 thoughts on “Spring has arrived

  1. I think the big storms last week were the last gasp of winter. Now L.A. is in sort of a weird transition between storms, clouds, fog, and sun. Glad to hear the birds are chirping outside your window again!

  2. BH – I hope there is no snow when I’m there. But then again, I don’t wish for the humidity either … LOL … I know, never happy!

    GH – Old Man Winter is fighting Spring for control. Still snow/cold here. I’ve quite checking the weather as it cannot be forecasted!

    Auto & Jolie – HAH on the useful information, but welcome anyway.

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