Snow Day

Mixed feelings today.  I’m not going to work today because of all the snow the lake received yesterday and last night.  Unfortunately, with the budget cuts with the State, the snow plows are doing extra duties and not getting to the mountain as soon as they used to.   My work decided yesterday, that everyone, except for the two that live up there, is off.   I could definately use the money, but … there is more to life than money!

Sad to hear that Elizabeth Taylor died.  My condolences to her family and friends.  Scary thing … my off the wall neighbor looks like Elizabeth Taylor.  Notice I  didn’t say crazy … there has been a change in her and hopefully that change will continue as it is a good change.

Do you watch American Idol?  OMW, it was a good show last night.  I enjoyed Sugarland and Jennifer Hudson, however, the surprise at the beginning … Stevie Wonder … looked like the judges didn’t have a clue he was going to be on.  So cool that the producers can still surprise the judges.  A big surprise on who was at the bottom, however, I’m glad the judges used their only vote for the season to keep Casey.   I also thought it was pretty cool of Marc Anthony to teach these kids how to benefit from the ear piece so they can hear themselves.  All the hard work last week, paid off.   Oh and Happy Birthday, Steven Tyler!  LOL

A friend of mind sent me a link to watch Jimmy Wong’s song, which was in response to Alexandra Wallace’s video.   If you haven’t heard about this I’ve linked an interview with Jimmy –  click here for the interview and the song video. 

Ching Chong!!  Have a great Friday and weekend!

4 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. We usually only watch the last five minutes of the results show. I’m afraid I find the guest performances disappointing. Most of them feel like karaoke to me. I was surprised about Casey (Mia or Stefano should have gone first). I’m glad they saved Casey.

    We had three inches of fluffy snow here. I think there’s another three coming tomorrow. Fortunately none of it stuck to the concrete so I didn’t have to shovel this morning.

  2. I felt sad about Elizabeth Taylor as well. My Mum didn’t think much of her because of her 8 marriages. Most of that generation of actors is gone. That makes me even more sad.

    I do not watch Idol. I think it is interesting that very often the winner sorta fades out or doesn’t do well selling albums but the other competitors out shine them. It proves it’s just a popularity contest and not entirely based on talent and saleability.

    Hope you enjoyed your snow day. I always do.

  3. BH – I’m glad Casey did better this week.

    S.Le – I know, one needed a score card with Elizabeth’s marrages. As with all these reality competitions that the viewers vote, it’s always about popularity … same as in high school! Sometimes the voters get it right, sometimes they don’t. I think I spent my snow day on this dang computer! HAH

    GH – I’m not from this world!

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