Leg Cramps

For the past two nights, I’ve had major leg cramps.  Since I am not taking my muscle relaxers, it makes for a rude awakening.  The other thing is, I am not a good hydrator.  I’ll drink tea by the gallon, but not water.  Before I get the hydrate or die lecture, I want you all to know I started drinking water (yuck) again, a large glass last night before bed and a large glass before workout this morning and I’m in the process of drinking another one now that workout is over.

To me, water has a taste, even filtered and bottled.  So I’ve been using lime juice to mask the taste of water.   HAH, I know, I’m strange!  Our oldest daughter told me  about cucumber water, which I may have to try.

Are you a good water drinker???  It is definately NOT my first choice for a thirst quencher!


6 thoughts on “Leg Cramps

  1. Someone once told me to take Calcium Magnesium, I believe, to stop my calf from cramping up in the night. I took it for a while – no cramps. However… I stopped and still no cramps.

    Tea is good unless it’s black tea or green tea which have caffeine.

  2. I’m not an expert but I would think that tea would be a good hydrater. Anything with water in it. While i drink water when I hike, I usually drink kool-aid or Hawaiian punch mix to flavor my drinking water.

  3. Tea, coffee, cucumbers and the like are natural diuretics and must be avoided if you are having leg cramps. Are you getting enough potassium? Lack of it may also cause leg cramps.

    I drink all day. (not alcohol though. lol) I drink coffee, tea, water, non-caloric drinks. I have also used limes and lemons to flavour water. I like Crystal Light Raspberry Lemonade flavour as well. I usually have my caffeinated drinks in the morning and switch to decaf drinks after lunch.

  4. U.D. – Welcome and thanks for the info. I’ll check it out. Unfortunately it’s black tea that I drink.

    BH – yummy!!

    S.LE – HAH!! Thanks for the info … I knew caffeine was a diuretic, but I had no idea about cucumbers. Well that scratches off the cucumbers from my list. I’d drink Crystal light, but it is sweetened with aspartame and I lose enough brain cells on my own with my family history.

  5. Tea is definitely a diuretic, hence the health problems I had years ago. As a result of that I’ve learned to drink water pretty much all day long. I feel for you on the taste though: I’m about as picky a water drinker as you can imagine!

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