Ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff!!

The green area behind the office building across the street is used by dog owners to let their dogs run and be free.    There’s this one dog that barks 5 ruffs in a row every few minutes.  I sure hope he’s ruffing because he’s happy as it drives me crazy … which, by the way, is a very short trip!

It is Saturday morning, and I. slept. in.  YES!!  I didn’t get up until 9 something in the morning.  I really don’t know what time it was as my bedroom clock is 30-40 minutes ahead.  When I looked at the bedroom clock it was close to 10am.  How crazy are we?  We have the clocks in the kitchen set 5 minutes ahead.  The bedroom clock, I have no idea as the hubs is the one who sets it.   Think we have a problem with being late??  LOL … not us?!    We are the irritating people who sets the alarm early and hit snooze over and over and over.  LOL, probably a good thing we don’t live in an apartment.

Heavenly Ski Resort must have received quite a bit of snow.  There have been many explosions all morning as they conduct their controlled avalaches.  Kind of like controlled fires in fire season.   Our house is at the bottom of the Sierra’s from Heavenly so we hear the explosions quite well.  The dog usually freaks and hides under the covers.   Such a brave soul.

We got enough snow to cover the grass.  It looks like the sun is trying to shine, as I write this, most of it has already melted.  Yay, no shoveling!!  Not that there was anything to shovel.  I know I’m ready for spring.  I just wish our spring season would last more than a couple of weeks up here.  Before long, I’ll be complaining that it is too hot.  Nope, I’m never happy!  HAH!

Well, I’m gonna park my butt on the couch and watch the tele.  I’d like to say that I’d watching something exciting, but I’m not into basketball.  Luckily there is an NCIS marathon on USA.  Gotta love Mark Harmon, as he’s very easy on the eyes!!  Have a great weekend!!!


3 thoughts on “Ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff!!

  1. I slept in last weekend because it takes me that darn long to correct for the time change, it seems.

    Spring started to hit down here, then we got wolloped by a couple of storms. Maybe it’ll re-start now! LOL

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