Couch to 5K

I must say, day one wasn’t bad.  The first five minutes I was sucking air, but once I got my breathing rhythm down, it was better!

I know I live at the bottom of the Sierra’s, but seriously?  Another major winter storm!?!?!?  *sigh*  I am so ready for spring!  Even my daffodils think it should be spring as they are starting to bloom.    Thankfully, I got off the mountain before the real blizzard started.

Hubby has been so good to me.  He’s been fixing my lunch the night before I have to work.  Actually he’s been doing quite a bit around here and I don’t give him enough credit.  Thanks, Hubby!!  You are the best!!

How many of you like popcorn?  We’ve been having popcorn, almost every night.  We buy the kernels and pop them in a pan over the stove.  It’s so good!!  We don’t even buy the microwave kind anymore.  At least we can control what’s in our popcorn.

I found out one of my high school buds was in Hawaii when the Tsunami warnings went off.   I didn’t realize that’s where he and his wife went on their cruise.  He said they made it out to deep water before it was supposed to hit Hawaii, so, thankfully, they made it home safely!

Wow, the hubs just said that a tornado touched down just off Ocean Beach in CA.  We have actually been there.     Wow, interesting weather we are having.    Actually, end of times interesting!  I keep hearing the song lyrics, “Get ready, ’cause here I come!”   LOL … things that go through my brain!

HAH, I’m such a night owl … NOT!  I guess I’ll sign off as I’m now ready to crash!  Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!!

4 thoughts on “Couch to 5K

  1. After having her first baby, Cute Daughter did Couch to 5K. She got in the best shape of her life and did 3 X 5k runs! Good luck to you!

    We eat popcorn every evening. We split a microwave bag between the two of us. ’tis a good snack!

  2. BH – I have to get used to that (BH) It’s snow/raining here. I guess winter wants to hang out in the Sierras for awhile. Thanks on the faith.

    S.Le – Wow, that’s encouraging!! Popcorn – definately!!

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