I’m glad today is over!

Interview went fine.  Not sure I was what they were looking for as the office personnel were quite a bit younger than I.  But that’s okay, my next season in life is out of my hands and always has been.

Test is fine … so … all in my head!  Actually doc doesn’t think that, it could be anything.  More likely it is emotional stress and not physical.  I’ve been internalizing quite a bit about what is going on in our little world in our little town.  It was a matter of time for it to start making its way toward a physical symptom.

Since I’m okay, well … look out, time to train.  I have my first week schedule ready, I just need to get my butt on that treadmill and get on with it!

Oh yeah, Happy St. Patty’s Day!!  I hope y’all celebrated and are safely home!!  After the doc’s office, we went to the casino across the highway and had Corned Beef and Cabbage with carrots and Irish Mashed Potatoes.  MMM MMM Good!!!!  Great price as the dinner was under 5 bucks!!  Can’t get any better than that!!  After dinner, we wandered to McDonalds for our caramel sundae!  

Now we’re home and I was reading my bible study homework.  I still have to answer the questions, so I guess I had better go … as American Idol will air at 8pm.  Gotta get my homework done.

Have a great evening AND Thank you all for being there for me during my insanity!!

7 thoughts on “I’m glad today is over!

  1. Better in your head than in the grave. Now you’ve got to find a way to de-stress. The walking/running thing you’re doing might be exactly what you need.

  2. S.Le – two days of boiled dinner – yummy!!

    HD – So True! Hey, will you be around the end of April, beginning of May? I’ll be in Lincoln those days.

    Kate – welcome rss reader … lol … I do tend to go from one side to the other in my posts.

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