Oh fun

Thursday I go in for a Nuclear Heart Stress Test.  I’m okay with it, except for the shooting of the die into my body to see what the heart is doing.  I have to remember NOT to have caffeine of any kind … tea, chocolate, coffee, etc.  I have notes on my calendar at work and at home for NO Caffeine! 

Doc wants to do this since I had a gripping pain that took my breath away for a few seconds as I was walking into WalMart.    Although it seemed more like minutes as I tried to breath shallow so the pain would ease.   Plus there’s this heaviness around my chest … *sigh* … not fun.   He just wants to be sure that everything is fine.  Since I have diabetes, this disease can mask the normal symptoms of a heart attack.  I just feel so special!!  HAH!!

Truthfully, I will feel better once they have the results of this test.  That way I will know what’s going on and can work on that couch to marathon training.


4 thoughts on “Oh fun

  1. I knew you had heart but a Nuclear heart?!? Very cool. ;D Bionic Dobegil.

    I hope everything goes well with your tests.

    The Wife had had chest pains for years. She apparently has a funky nerve that acts cranky when she is stressed. Weird thing, like most physical reactions to stress, it usually happens after the stress is gone.

  2. HD – HAH and thanks.

    GH – no, it didn’t help … although my freudian slip was more of what my anxiety was creating!

    S.Le – Thanks, I’ll know next Thursday.

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