Action packed weekend

Our trip to Vegas that was on again, off again, until we actually packed the car up and left on Thursday.  I am so glad we did. 

Friday, hubby was at his class all day.  I hung out with my sister going to a fashion show at the mall on the strip along with eating very rich Italian food.  After that we went to my niece’s art show at her high school.  Pretty talented kids!  Then we went to … wait for it … a buffet at Sunset Station.  HAHAHAH, hey, buffet in Vegas … you know me!  Plus if you get a Boarding Pass, your buffet price is less than $10.  WooHoo!!!

My daughter ran in the half marathon at Red Rock Canyon on Saturday.  To show my support, I volunteered at this event and spent the morning in my favorite area in Southern Nevada.  Here’s a picture:

It was a great experience and a possible motivation to run a marathon myself.  I’m shooting for my 55th birthday … which is only 2 1/2 years away.  Hubby had class again, which lasted from 11am until 10pm, long day for him.

Hubby had his final class Sunday.  I dropped him off at a shooting range on Sunday morning, then I had coffee with the escrow officer I worked with before I left Las Vegas.  We had a great time talking away.  At first I wasn’t sure if I’d recognize her after all these years, but … there was no problem!  I knew the minute she walked into the courtyard.  We talked for 3 hours and we still didn’t catch up!  I can’t wait until we can get together again … maybe the next time we’ll bring our hubbies.  LOL … maybe.

Sunday night my sis, her hubby, my hubby, my niece and I had dinner at Lucille’s BBQ place.  Oh, was that good! 

Today we drove home.  Of course we didn’t leave until 2:30 this afternoon!   We made it home safe and sound.  We even saw three F-16s on final approach and land at the base in Indian Springs.  Always a treat to see these planes fly.

I’m sure glad I have tomorrow off, so I can get the laundry done!  Oh goody!


4 thoughts on “Action packed weekend

  1. I think you lost me at BBQ… 🙂

    Just A Girl would definitely be a good contact. Heck, do something nearby to one of us and we’ll come out to cheer for you!

  2. LOL, both of you gave JAG a great reference. I will have to do that! LOL GH – sorry … BBQ … don’t ya just love BBQ? I know I do!!! I received an email from the coordinator of the race I volunteered for. She gave me a figure that my time earned, which I can use toward my entry fee for any of the marathon’s she’s put together, as long as I do it within a year. Once I find out from the doc that I’m okay, I may look into a night run at Red Rock in September. It’s just over 5 miles. But, we’ll see. Great idea about doing one near one of you two! I’ll have to see how my training progresses!

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