Snow in the Sierra’s

I was trying to get to work on Friday, however, the snow had other plans.

As I left my house, the streets were wet and visibility was great.  As I drove through the valley toward Carson, visibility was not that great.  It was snowing like crazy and I figured trying to get to the lake was going to be ugly.  I called the boss that lives up there, unfortunately, he didn’t answer.

I got into the turn lane going to the lake and I apprehensively  looked toward the mountain.  I started up the mountain wondering if I should continue.  Pushing down the fear, I made Red trudge up the mountain.

Halfway up, it was clear I should go back home.  So thinking I would take the ONLY exit to turn around and go back down the mountain, I did.  The road wasn’t too bad, however, the on ramp back to the highway wasn’t plowed, so I completely missed it.  Silly me, kept going down this canyon road plowing through the snow with little red.  I ended up at a dead end and had to turn around to go back the way I came.

That was not an easy feat as the snow was quite a bit higher than the clearance of the car.  As I was plowing through the snow, the front of the car kicked up all the snow onto the windshield.  I was so happy that the snow was powdery, otherwise I would have gotten stuck.  Of course, I was praying, more like pleading, all the way.

I finally made it back to the off ramp I had turned off on and headed back up the mountain.  Yes, I was going up the wrong way on the off ramp.  By the time I reached the summit, my boss called and said it was a bad day to come up as he already had 2 feet of snow at his house.  HAH, I was so happy to hear that!  I turned around at the summit and made my way back home … slowly!

I got home around 9:15am and was so ready for a drink!   LOL … no, I didn’t have one … even though I was having quite a debate with myself as to why I should -vs- why I shouldn’t!

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