I opened my email and facebook account and saw our friend’s wife had passed away.  I didn’t know her very well, but my heart just broke thinking of her husband and family.  His wife had breast cancer.  Unfortunately, through time, it had spread all through her body.  It was in remission for awhile, but when it returned the treatements could not fight this invasion.  The last attempt at Chemo could not be done as the cancer had spread to her liver.   

In the face of severe health issues, I know some men would not be able to handle  this and leave their wife/significant other as she goes through this alone.  I also know some men would stick around to give the illussion that they are still around, however, are frequently gone  only as they have found comfort in the arms of another woman. 

Our friend was neither of these.  He truly loved his wife and through it all he endured, the good and bad days.  He would be as strong as he could for his wife on the outside, but when he was alone, his heart would break a little more as he knew his days with the love of his life were growing shorter.

When I read the short email, which had her name and dates she was alive, my heart broke and I the flood of tears came.   I knew his heart is in pieces as his wonderful wife is gone.  As I type this, my eyes are still swimming.

Rest in peace, Beth.  The only comfort I have is that she is no longer in a  body riddled with this disease and pain.

Life is precious and those you love could be gone tomorrow.   Tell them how you feel, hug them a little tighter and don’t take them for granted.

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