Last Weekend of January

Is there much sickness where  you are?  This whole valley and even up at the lake, there are so many that are sick.  The weather has been nice … but … how do we manage to get sick in decent winter weather?  Where does it come from?

I was feeling yucky yesterday.  All day my stomach was on the edge of a 30th floor building.  Another inch and it would not have been pretty.  Then it would settle down, only to start up again.  Today, I’m okay, just tired.  Well, I think I’m okay, although I haven’t done anything except surf the web.  I haven’t even spoken a word yet and it is 12:30pm.  Why, you ask.  Hubby and dog are still sound asleep.  Which is really okay by me, since I feel like being a sloth. 

I used to love watching sloths.  I have been to the zoo a  bunch of times and only once have I seen one awake.  I think it was because I was there closer to feeding time.  But they move so   s l o w l y , painstakingly slow.  Which was so fascinating to me.    I think it looked at me, moved its arm then went back to sleep.  But this took almost 15 minutes!   LOL, very interesting creatures.

Well, I guess I’ll go curl up on the couch and sloth out.  Y’all have a great weekend!


5 thoughts on “Last Weekend of January

  1. HD – Thanks, I’m finally feeling better today.

    S. LE – I hope you get better soon.

    GH – LOL, in retrospect, I guess it isn’t any different from any other day!

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