Merry Christmas!!!

We’ve had a super time the past couple of nights!  One of the best Christmas’ we’ve had in awhile.  Thursday we went to service, then for pizza with family/friendsfamily … LOL, family, that’s what they’ve become to me!  Then last night a buffet with my new family, friends and new friends!  After,  we went to an open house.  Thanks A & J for inviting us, we had a great time and it definately lifted my spirits!!!

So, are the presents opened and the wrapping all over the floor?  When our kids were home, they’d wake us early by standing outside our bedroom door, urging each other to wake us up.  It was pretty funny to hear them whisper loudly, “You wake them up.”  “No, you wake them up.”  Then they would look at our oldest daughter (on the Christmas mornings we had her)  and say, “You wake them up, they won’t get mad at you!”   LOL … little did they know we were chuckling away listening to them!

They were allowed to get their stockings down and play with whatever was in their stockings and presents from Santa, but they had to wait for us to open the rest.   Once we were all together, the presents were opened and they sat among the ripped paper and toys, playing.   My job was to make Christmas Breakfast. 

After all was done, we usually fell asleep among all the paper and toys.  The cats used to roam through the paper to check everything out.  I always loved having the day after Christmas off.  That was when I’d clean up the disaster in the front room.  But for the the whole day of Christmas it was chaos and I loved it!

I hope you all have a bit of chaos in your Christmas!  Have a wonderful day!

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