Two more days …

Can you feel the excitement, the anticipation, the wonder?  LOL

Today is our oldest daughter’s husband’s birthday!!  Happy Birthday, K!!! 

On the 20th of December was my grandson’s (Ry’s mini-me) 4th birthday.  He told his dad that he wanted a Shake Weight for Christmas!   LOL, that’s my boy!!  I could just see this 4 year old wandering around with that Shake Weight in his hands. 

Our church is having 6 Christmas Eve Services, one was Wednesday, two are tonight an three are tomorrow night.  No services for this weekend, so the Pastors, volunteers and all can spend time with their families.  We’re going to go to tonight’s service, because tomorrow will be crowded.  I’m sure tonight will be crowded, but, hoping less than tomorrow.

Christmas Eve I have to work in the morning, then we are off until January 3rd.   What to do, what to do???  LOL

I’m thankful the last package made it to its destination.  I’m just glad it was found and was rushed through the many places it goes before it reaches the final delivery address.  Pretty crazy!

Well, I’m going to try and get the hubby going … not sure where, but we do have an errand to run.  Ugh!  Happy Thursday!


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