I have found my sister, one I never knew existed.  She may not be a biological sister, however, she is my sister all the same.   Yes, we are DORKs … Daughters Of the Risen King.   He sends her when I’m hurting and she brightens my day. 

Yesterday was my birthday.  Hubby and I went to brunch at the Inn across the street.  After, we came home to put hubby’s left overs in the fridge.  While backing out of our driveway, there was an awful groan.  So loud that even the guys across the street playing basketball stopped, walked to the fence and watched, wondering what the noise was.   Needless to say, we drove to Tires Plus to have a free break inspection.  I’m so thankful they are open on Sunday! 

The results … The groan in the back was something bent hitting the rotary.  The mechanic was able to bend it back.  However, we do need brakes as the front brake pads are wearing uneven, which also means, we need new calipers.  I have about a month to figure out how I’m working it into the budget, but that’s okay … I’m not freaking.  The good thing about getting my brakes done here, the lifetime warranty on the calipers.  If they go out, they will replace them free.  This is the same place we bought our tires and purchased the lifetime alignment.  Yeah, I’m really starting to like this place!  The bill for yesterday was $.00;  The brake job estimate is $500;  The ability to still carry on with my birthday wandering and figuring out what was for dinner was Priceless!   LOL 

I no longer have the noise in the back, so hopefully we won’t have an audience as I leave the driveway tonight.

 We went to Starbucks to meet up with my sista and her hubby.  We sat with our coffee drinks, the hubbies sat with nothing … wanting a coke.   LOL   I am amazed at how comfortable my hubby is with them.  He just talks and talks and talks.  He’s usually a watcher and listener.

After we parted ways, hubby and I wandered to the Dollar Store.  LOL, big spender I am!  I found what I wanted and also scored on toilet bowl cleaner … a 32 oz of Lysol TB cleaner for a dollar!   S O L D ! !     Yes, I know, I’m strange!

By now, it’s dinner time so we wandered to Chili’s and had steaks.  I also had a Margarita, blended of course.   It was soooo good.  Plus it was happy hour … 1/2 off … yay!  So steak, drink AND football on the tele, end of a great Bday!!  I think, from now on,  we are going to try and sit on the bar side … right in front of the tele.


4 thoughts on “Found

  1. “DORKs”, eh? Love that! I bet your friend values your friendship just as much as you do her’s. 😉 (She told me so!)

    “A true friend is one who thinks you are a good egg even if you are half-cracked.” ~Author Unknown

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