I ended my crappy Friday with a get together with friends.  A great way to lift my spirits – Pizza and Truth.  Awesome combination!

For those that are wondering what Truth is, check it out here. 

Saturday night I wanted to go to the Parade of Lights, however, I didn’t want to stand in the drizzle with hubby, because of his fragile lungs.  Since he knew I wanted to go, we bundled up and walked the couple of blocks to watch the last 30 minutes of the parade.  At the end, there were 3 floats that represented 2 churches.  Pretty awesome, especially since they were before Mr & Mrs. Claus.   It was wet and cold, but the cold didn’t hit until you stood outside for a bit.  After we went back home to warm up by the fire.

Sunday was my brother’s 69th birthday had he lived.   Oh my word, that means my oldest sister is 67 and the one next to me is 61.  Wow, really?!!?!  Sorry, but they cannot be that old, because I’m still in my 30’s!  HAH  … Hey it’s my denial … and I’m sticking to it!  Well, that is until my body tells me different!

So here I am at Monday.  Trying to remember what I did this weekend.  I guess we watched some football.  I roasted a turkey breast with all the fixin’s so we’d have left overs for sandwiches.  We also watched a couple of DVD movies, The Expendables and Couples Retreat.  I think I’ve posted before how much I enjoyed The Expendables … I’m a shoot ’em up kinda gal, but there has to be humor with it … HAH!  Couples Retreat was okay.  The funiest parts were on the previews, which is too bad.  We did suffer through the rest of it.  I still have one more DVD to watch, The Proposal.  If I don’t get to it this week, there’s always the weekend.  Netflix was created just for me.  I’m not a prompt video return person.

So how was your weekend?  Do anything fun and/or exciting?


3 thoughts on “

  1. I wanted to FaceBook like this post. 😀

    I also have a cold, but I got to visit my baby nephew! (before I had the cold, of course!)

    I hope you enjoy the Proposal. It’s pretty charming actually.

  2. GH – hope you are feeling better, now that it’s taken me awhile to respond.

    MissC – Hmmm, you and GH having a cold at the same time … something we should know??? J/K I’m glad WordPress added a “like” button! Still haven’t watched the proposal … but I’m hopeful for this weekend.

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