And I shaved my legs for this?

How do I describe my boss … let’s say he’s similar to Steve Carrell’s character in The Office as he’s clueless.    I work for a narcissist and a pathological liar, which makes for roller coaster work days.  Those of us in the office that answer the phones spend the majority of our work day apologizing for his behavior and careless operating procedures.  Oh wait, what am I saying … there are no operating procedures, it’s his decission, his way, it doesn’t matter what the customer or anyone else asks for. 

His standard answers are:  “NO!”  “We’ll get there when we get there!”  “We’ve tried to do this job 10 times and they are never ready!  So now they have to wait!!”  “We’ve tried to do this job and no one is around!  So now they’re out of luck!!” “Not gonna happen!” “I don’t care!”  “Tell them you can’t find me!”  “We need to raise our prices!  Everyone esle is!”   “I’m on the phone!!!”  “Don’t bother me, Woman!!”  “What do you want?”

These comments we get on a daily basis. As of January, 2011, I will have been there 11 years.  Some have been there 20+ years.  I’m still trying to figure out, why this person is one of my bosses. 

I work for a window, glass and shower subcontractor.  When you want a job done, isn’t it wise to schedule a job BEFORE the crew is sent out?  Oh yeah AND call the customer first TO SCHEDULE THE JOB so they will be there or can make arrangements to let you in?  Well, in the real world that is usually how things work. 

However, in my boss’ world, he will dish out the work orders, to his crew – NOT SCHEDULE ANY OF THEM – then gets upset when the customers are not there and the guys bring the orders back not completed.  Which always leads to this comment, “We’ve tried to do this job 10 times and they’re never ready!”

He wonders why we don’t get window jobs anymore.  He’ll deliver windows WITHOUT calling.  He’ll drop them off at the job.  Or if he calls, he’ll let it ring a couple of times and hang up, that way he can say, “Well, I called them!!”  Which usually means the office staff will then have to hear from the customer, “What Moron delivers windows without letting me know?  I’m not at that job!  I hope all those windows are still there!!” 

I think you get a glimpse of what we deal with.  Since business is down and what work we do have, he keeps them in piles.  As we do not have work orders in the computer, we have to physically search for them in the many places they might be.  Most of the time, they are on his desk, that is, after he says, “Nope, I’ve never seen that!” 

Yesterday, he was out working in the shop driving the shop foreman crazy.  Then when he got tired, he went back to his office to get on his cell phone to talk to his buddies around the country.  While he was on his cell phone, which isn’t hooked up to the main phone system, so I cannot tell he’s yacking, a customer came in to ask when he could reschedule a job that we couldn’t do.  I called upstairs to ask and was met with, “I’m on the phone!!!” 

Then I said, “Can you just answer,” and with that I hear the office phone go flying.  Now mind you, the upstairs is an office made out of the loft area.  So there are some things one can hear from downstairs.  I looked at the customer and said, “Can I get back to you on that, since he’s thrown his phone across the room?”    I got his phone number so I could get back with him.  I think that was the straw that broke my back.  I was so mad!  It took everything I had to sit in my chair and not march upstairs to tell him off.  I should have told him to start behaving like an owner of the company instead of a disgruntled employee!!  Which may be what I’ll say to him, the next time he throws a tantrum!

Yeah, I can feel a knock down, drag out fight brewing in our office.  If it isn’t with the two owners, it’s going to be the office manager and this owner.  Or who knows, it may be all of us! 

Welcome to … a day in the life of our office.  Ready for a good laugh??  Not two weeks before, did he give the office manager and the salesman the speech on how we need to give the best customer service we can.  LMAO – when they told me what he said, I looked at them and said, “Really!  Did you tell him to just turn that finger back at himself?!?!”

So how was your Friday??

5 thoughts on “And I shaved my legs for this?

  1. Uhm, someone needs biblical counseling. Now I understand the late arrival! So so sorry you have to deal with that kind of boss. Don’t know how I’d fair in that kind of environment, but I’d have to do some serious venting myself! Guess I won’t be going to that company for windows. 😦 Thanks for making my Friday great in spite of yours being crappy.

  2. sorry I am missing the connection what do smooth legs have to do with a jerk of a manager?

    you should report him to hr if that dont work get your hubby to have a quiet word!

  3. S4L – All of you were a great ending to my day! I’m so glad you stared our small group and so thankful you’ve included hubby & me.

    James – I would take him to HR if we had such a thing. Unfortunately, we are a small shop. As for smooth legs … HAH, well, part of my routine of getting ready for work is shaving my legs. In the winter this routine isn’t every day as I wear jeans. But when one goes that extra step to get ready for work … it makes me ask why. I’m just a door mat so why waste the time?

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