Happy December 1st

Yeah, I got nothing!

Hubby just left for work and I’m sitting here trying to get the umph to do something.  Anything … LOL … I guess exercising my fingers is something.

For some reason I am happy to say goodbye to November.  It went fast and I’m glad.  I’m having to fight myself to get out.  I would rather just sit in the house and do whatever, even if it is nothing.  I am isolating and I know that isn’t good for me.  Weird things go through my brain when I’m alone.  How about you?  What goes through your brain when you are alone?


8 thoughts on “Happy December 1st

  1. When I’m inside I think about going outside. When I’m outside I think of going inside. When I think about this contradiction, I watch TV until the headache goes away.

  2. Isolation? We don’t want no stinkin’ isolation! I think about going back to sleep or reading a book (and then falling asleep) when I’m alone. I sure don’t think about cleaning my house. That would be a crazy thought.

      • Yesterday was 76+ minutes of crazy talk. That was just the 2nd convo! Scary to think how long we’d be sitting on the bench if it wasn’t so stinkin’ cold.

        Roof Crashers – Cool! No doubt he looks like someone I’ve seen somewhere before.

  3. My brain? Wow. I worry about my kids out driving. I think about writing my novel. I think about blogging. I rant about various stuff. I think about gifts and worry if I’ve hurt anybody’s feelings. Need more? Read my blog.

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