Another Post?

Wow, three days in a row, what is happening?!

I really don’t have anything new to share.  It’s just dang cold outside and it looked like it was going to snow.  But, the sun is shining bright, only to reveal wet streets.

I’ve been trying to do what the doc says and take my muscle relaxers every other day.  That way my body doesn’t get used to the strength and the dosage has to be increased.  Well, last night I took one.  It’s been a couple of days since I’ve had one and it was quite comical!  It’s a good thing hubby walked into the bedroom as I was attempting to change into my jammies.  All he could do was laugh as I’m trying to figure out which way my shirt goes.  Forget about trying to put my pants on … when the body is all noodly, it’s hard to stand on one foot!  That’s all I’m sayin’

I’ve realized over the past couple of weeks that our dog is getting old.  He’s either 12 or 13, but in doggie years that’s old.  Of course he is a small dog, so they usually live to be around 15 years, but that just means he’s an old little guy.  He even makes old man hacking noises.  When I woke this morning, he was lying between hubby and me.  He had his back against me and his feet were touching hubby.   Usually he’s on top of the covers, but this morning he must have been cold as he was under them.  There are times I think how much I’ll miss him … then again, there are other times that I wonder why I’d miss him!   He can be pretty demanding for a canine!

Is it bad of me that all I want to do is stay inside and do nothing?  I mean absolutely N O T H I N G ! !   I have a list of what I should do, but I don’t want to do any of them.  Hhhmmm, is this the downward slide to my holiday depression … yeah, probably!   I’m ready to fast forward past the holidays and start a new year.


3 thoughts on “Another Post?

  1. HD – what GH said!! Sorry if I brought up memories of your wonderful dog!

    GH – I agree, there are some people and orgainzations that treat their animals way better than they treat people. Why is that?

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