Love reconnecting with a long lost friend

It has been a while since I’ve talked to this person.  I usually see his wife on FB, but I haven’t talked to him in a very long time.  So last night, while I was playing BB on Facebook, up pops the chat window and “CL” in the comment area.  One would think I’d get a clue as only 10 people call me CL, short for “Cactus-Lilly,” however, since it was on the wife’s chat window, I figured it was her.  LOL, that was until he told me different.   It seamed like the years melted and we were chatting away as in the years gone by. 

When we lived in the land of the tundra (yeah, okay, Nebraska, sorry HD) and hubby was working at night and the kids were out doing their high school thing, I’d access a chat site.  It started out with 3 guys, then I came along.  Then another female came along, then a few more people.  Pretty soon we were the cyber Cheers bar where eveyone knows your name … well your virtual name, that is.  We all logged in every night, to laugh, unwind, tell jokes and just kid each other.   Well, that was until we all took a dark turn and hooked up as cyber couples, and then hooked up as real couples.  Unfortunately, that ended the cyber bar.  

There are times that I miss this bar.  I miss having that connection and talking back and forth in a chat room with all these people.  We were spread across the states and even into Canada.  I’ve met five of these people in person.  They all were just as fun to be with in person as in they were in our little bar. 

The one I chatted with last night, was my friend from California.  He and his wife live along the ocean.   We’d talk about all kinds of things.  No, this was not the person I hooked up with, he was truly a friend and someone I enjoyed talking to.   I’ve seen him and his wife a few times over these 13 years (wow, it’s been that long?!) 

What a great way to end Thanksgiving.  Giving good keyboard to one of my dahling friends.   LOL!!

3 thoughts on “Love reconnecting with a long lost friend

  1. Not to worry, I’m looking forward to the coming Tundra.

    They say the internets isolate us but it is becoming obvious to me that is is bringing us together across both space and time.

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