From a total stranger or distant acquaintance would I expect this, but from a family member to put us on ignore, really sets off the rage-o-meter!

Yeah, warning … ranting goin’ on here!  Why do they even bother having a cell phone if they won’t answer it or even reply to a text message.   Is it so hard to say, yes or no??  I mean come on, you are an adult and you can say, yes or no … it doesn’t matter, just make a decision so we can get on with ours!!!  ARGH!!

Common courtesy … answer your damn phone or text!!!


5 thoughts on “Seriously??!?!?!!

  1. I admittedly don’t always my phone when it rings. Sometimes I just turn the thing off because I just need some privacy.

    Still, there are some people I always answer the phone for if I can, like a lot of family members.

    is it possible that your relative was in a meeting and forgot to silence their phone and couldn’t text you?

    Sorry, I’m totally ruining the point of a good rant! Being ignored sucks!!

  2. HD & GH – funny! why is it pronounced dead?

    MM – well, we finally heard from this family memeber on Sunday. I wanted to know if I needed to get a bigger turkey, but, alas, it will be just us again this year.

    James – yes it was a female member. Sometimes I don’t hear my phone, but I do get back to whomever called as soon as I saw they called or texted.

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