Well that was fun

N O T ! ! !

When did I lose touch with my body?  I guess it’s because I have been feeling better than I have in quite awhile!  So, the reason to my butt dragging tiredness … I was getting sick!  Typical upper respitory garbahge but … I still didn’t feel terrible, just was exteremely tired.  Hubby was sick also. 

Last Thursday was our monthly doc appointment.  When he checked us out, he found we were both having the same crapolah going on.  The only thing we can think of is that we were exposed to something in Vegas, as my sister was sick a couple of days before us.  Plus the irritation of the litter box didn’t help.  Anyway, we asked for samples, since I was between paychecks. 

Ya know, sometimes I wonder where my brain goes.  I saw the yellow boxes stamped Avalox and I should have headed the warning I was feeling, but my brain, wasn’t getting the “Danger Danger, Will Robinson” signal.    We get home, I take one of the pills and proceed to have dinner.  Within 30 minutes, my body starts to ache.  Once it started to throb, did my brain go, oh wait, that’s the stuff that I can’t take!  Yeah, pretty miserable 2 days I had. 

The only way I can describe it is this.  You know when your leg/arm has circulation cut off or you sit with your leg under you for too long and there is no circulation.  When you move your leg and the circulation starts to come back … that tingling of ants crawling on your limb feeling, just before you get the aching throbing feeling of life back into your limbs.  Well, that is how my whole body felt.  It started with the ants, then the ache, then the throb to the point of crying made it hurt worse! 

I’m so glad those days are behind me now and even the small left over twinges are gone.  So I’m drinking Emergency-C with Acai Berry, to try and keep whatever the original thing was at bay.

Wow, three NFL games went into OT.  I’m sure glad the Vikings won.  Of course I was yelling and the hubby and dog were cowering in the bedroom.  Hubby finally ventured out, but the dog waited … just to make sure hubby wasn’t going to run back down the hall.  LOL   The last possession the Vikings had, Brett played like the old Brett from the Packer Days.  Makes me wonder if he went against the plays Childress called and just played the game … something he’s done for a long time!   I still think Childress should leave him alone.  He and the rest of the team are on the field.   Let them just play the game!    I can see if it was a rookie or inexperienced quarterback that Childress would want to call the plays, but, come on … he has a QB that is seasoned and knows this game like the back of his hand.  Let him play and lead the team!!   ARGH!  Okay, enough of FB rant.

Snow covered mountains is what I woke up to.  They are beautiful.

Taken from outside my front door

It was quite a storm that went through here last night.  I’m sure Utah is getting it now.  We bought our dog an insulated nylon jacket, with a hood.  He has a love/hate relationship with it.  However, with the storm and how cold it has been in the house, he’s loving it now.  Especially when he had to go outside while it was raining.  I had his jacket on and his hood up and he did his business without his ears all down and all sad.  He came back in and all I had to do was wipe his feet and take off his jacket and he was dry.  

Well, I have homework reading to do, so I hope you all have a great Monday.


4 thoughts on “Well that was fun

  1. I’m surprised your Doctor didn’t know your issues with the Avalox. If he doesn’t know, you’d better make sure he knows.

    Nice picture! No snow here … yet.

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