Too Funny

I just realized that I told the same spooky story as last year for Halloween.  Now I need to tell another one … lol … sorry, I’ll try and do better. 

I don’t know which one I haven’t told … well, I guess I’ll talk about my sister Gloria.  We had uncles that were in the merchant marines.  When they were on leave, they’d all go to Vegas for their time off.  It was great as they would bring my sisters and mom wonderful gifts from the orient.    One time my uncle had brought a friend with him.  In the middle of the night, this friend saw Gloria sitting at the end of his bed.  He kept asking her what she was doing there.  The only response he received was a blank stare.

The next morning he asked my family if Gloria was in his room.  They all looked at him strange and Gloria said no and told him that she was with with my other sisters in their room.  My sisters would have known if she had left the bed, as the three of them shared one bed and Gloria was usually in the middle of a full size bed.  They all laughed it off, as this wasn’t the first time someone had seen what they thought was Gloria sitting at the end of the bed.

Not long after that, my sister dreamt that she had died.  She saw herself lying in the casket.  My mom freaked out and wouldn’t let her out of her sight all day.   After that, the blank faced Gloria was gone and didn’t appeared to anyone else. 

 The only thing we can think of was that it was dad’s first daughter.  Dad’s first family were killed in a car accident.   Dad’s daughter was named Gloria.  I know, wierd that dad and mom’s first child would be named Gloria, but I guess it was in her honor or something.


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