It’s Halloween

Let’s see, this year’s Halloween story:

Through high school, my sister had a best friend.  They did everything together!  They even crashed our oldest sister’s VW together as they missed dead man’s curve and flew over the desert and landed hard.  While waiting for my dad to come and get them,  out of the blue her friend told her that she was going to die in a car crash.

Unfortunately, she was right.  Somewhere in their 20’s, sis’s friend got up and was in a hurry to go somewhere.  Her boyfriend had no idea where she was trying to go in a hurry.  He kept asking her and she kept saying, I have to go.  She then grabbed her keys and jumped in the car and left, leaving her purse and all her identification behind.   To this day we all don’t have any idea where she was going.  But, she did get into an accident that killed her.  My sister (Vegas sis) was on the road performing with my other sisters.   It seems like she was always on the road when bad news had to be told.  Sister’s fiance was killed and they had to tell her, while she was either in Hawaii or Mexico … not sure which … but, the show must go on.  She held up fine, the other two sisters were a basket case.  But that’s another story for another time.

Back to the best friend.  This person was like another daughter to my parents.  She was welcome at our house anytime of day or night.  Knew she could have anything she found in the fridge to eat and she was always over our house spending the night.  When she died it was a blow to everyone.  So sudden and so young. 

The house we lived in had old wooden floors that would creak when you walk on them.  It was not an easy house to sneak out of.   Funny how we knew the sounds of the doors, etc of the house.  The night my parents found out about her death, dad was getting ready for bed.  He locked the front door and made sure the chain was on the door before he went to bed.   He had just laid down, when he heard the front door open.  Then the wooden floors creaked like someone was walking on them.  Then the fridge door opened.  After that the floors creaked again and the front door opened and closed again. 

Dad jumped up out of bed and ran to the front room, only to find the door was still locked with the chain still in place.  Then he said, “Hi Jeri, thanks for stopping by.”


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