It’s time

So what am I doing on the computer?  Eh … who knows.  I’m washing the microfiber towels/chamix I use to wash and dry the car.  Yes, I am taking them with me along with all my cleaning stuff, well except for the soap as my sister has Melaleuca stuff at her house.   Yes, I’ll be washing the car while I’m goofing off in Vegas.  I think we’ll run through the car wash before we get on the road as I don’t want the road gunk to bake all the time we are driving.  And yes, sometime tomorrow, I’ll probably wash it again … I know I’m a bit obsessed, but Vegas is the town my daughter and son-in-law live and they are the ones that gave us the car.  I don’t want it to look neglected when they see it.

So how has everyone faired this week?  Me, eh, it’s been a busy week and I’m ready for crazy fun!  Of course, when I get crazy fun, well, it could be dangerous … LOL!

Well, I guess I had better get packed … no, I’m not packed yet … we’ll probably get on the road by noon.  Hopefully sooner, but it’s already 8am and hubby’s still sleeping.

Y’all have a great weekend!

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