It hurts when I do that

So, stop doing that!

I’ve managed to do something to one of my ribs.  Last night it hurt just touching the skin.  You know, I’m so bummed when my body tells my mind that I’m not as young as my mind thinks I am!   So, I won’t be working out today.  Hopefully tomorrow it will feel better, then I can abuse it again!

Saturday was a lazy day.  I mean … lazy !!  I didn’t want to do a darn thing!  It was nice to catch up on the recorded shows.  We’ve caught up on Rubicon and NCIS LA.  Last weeek we watched the new Hawaii 5-0.   For a new show, the actors sure bonded quickly which made the characters play off each other well.  Maybe it’s my type of humor, but I did enjoy all the episodes.  I’m real glad they kept the theme song … I mean … come on, how can you have a Hawaii 5-0 show without the theme song?!?!?  It would be like having an Oreo without the filling!! Something would definately be missing!

So, do any of you watch Rubicon?  It’s pretty interesting, reminds me of the older spy movies, like “Three days of the Condor”  I hope it comes back next season, as I think there are only a couple of shows left.

We’ve also watched Blue Blood.  I have to watch anything with Tom Sellick in it!    I like the charaters in that show also.

I received a “Thanks for Applying, but sorry…” letter from the county.  Oh well, even though it would have been perfect, I guess in the larger scheme of things it wasn’t perfect for me.  So I carry on in the job search.  I still haven’t heard from the state.  They said it would be 3 weeks before we heard anything.   Dang, what if my search takes me to another area?  Would I be willing to go?  More importantly, would hubby be willing to go???  Hmmm, sometimes I wish I could get a glimpse of where I’m supposed to be.

One of our grand-daughter’s turned 7 yesterday.  Hmmm, I think she’s 7, as my oldest grandson is 8 … lol … oh man, I don’t remember how old I am, it’s hard to keep track of the other ages.  I’m lucky to remember their birth dates!   Time sure flies and the kids grow so fast!  Next grand-baby’s birthday is November 6.  Our oldest grand-daughter becomes a teenager …I think!  LOL … Yeowsa … a teenage angst with raging hormones!  Should be fun to watch, don’t ya think?

I’m making my plans for Vegas.  I’ve already got one coffee date set up for Friday.  I’ve decided that I’m going to see people I keep meaning to visit, but never have the chance to.  So … I am … LOL … I think!  I’m trying to get to all my friends on Friday, because I know my sis will want to do something … but then again, she’s so busy, so I may just continue with making my dates with friends and letting it all play out as it’s supposed to.

The other day, I was going to make a pizza but our oven decided it didn’t want to work.  It would get warm, about 200 degrees, but not hot enough to bake.   So I ended up making a Pizza-dilla … lightly browned both sides of the pizza crust, filled in the center with cheese, tomatoes, italian sausage, seasoning, garlic and more cheese.  Browned the outsides on the electric skillet and voila … cheesy, crispy italian pizza-dilla or runzas.  Oooooo – Italian Runzas … hmmmm, for my next magic trick … lol … I’m such a dough person!  That’s where I always get in trouble … I love bread and fried dough!!  *sigh*

I’m still fighting the urge to fatten up for the winter.  It is a constant fight.  Some days I win and other days I lose!   Oh well, as long as I can still fit into the jeans I bought in Utah, I will be happy!

Well, I guess I should go, as I have to wait for the appliance guy, then grab lunch with a friend.  Talk at ya later!


3 thoughts on “It hurts when I do that

  1. There’s really not much on TV worth watching anymore, but thank goodness for The Amazing Race. Now if I could just travel around the world like that, preferably on someone else’s dime!

  2. I had to laugh, your answers were similar. Are you sure you aren’t related? Or maybe twins in other dimensions? LOL, yeah, I’ve watched too many Fringe episodes!

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