I can see Friday, just over there …

Okay it was hot last week, this week it has been cold and rainy with snow in the mountains.  Did I sleep through fall??  I’ve actually had to turn the furnace on … which is something I don’t like to do, but it’s below 60 in this house and my toesies are quite cold.  I like it cold when I’m sleeping as I’m a burrower and burrow as far under the covers and I can get!

Here we are at October 7 and I forgot all about FLEET WEEK!!!  I was so bummed as I’ve spent all the alloted funds from this paycheck.  BIG BIG *SIGH* and a big big sad face!!  Again, there is always next year … but I sure am getting tired of saying that!!!!

Monday was bible study and the homework last week was about removing obstacles in your life to let God heal.   What does it mean when my hubby is one of my obstacles?   LOL, I’m glad I wasn’t alone because when I said it, the whole table agreed that their hubby’s can be obstacles in our Faith walk also.  And … Why is that, Capt’n Ron????

Tuesday was my test with the State.  I was suprised I was done as quickly as I was.  I answered every question … whether they were right or wrong is yet to be determined!!  HAH, minor details!   It wasn’t as major multitasking as the dispatch test, but it was definately thought provoking.  After the test … my brain hurt!   The mouse in my brain had to work overtime to get the wheels turning!

So here I am at my mid week dayoff.  I’ve got a few things I need to do, but have no umpf to do them.  Must be why I’m here and babbling away! 

In two weeks we are off to Las Vegas.  I have three days of no plans, while hubby is at his class.  I’m almost afraid to see what kind of trouble I can get into for three whole days during the day.   Hmmmm, friends to see, trouble to get into … yup, sounds like a Vegas weekend to me!! 

Well, I guess I should go, I just stopped in to yack at ya for a quick minute.  It’s off to do my homework … or … wake up hubby and get frisky … hmmmm, what to do, what to do ….


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