Is it me or is this month going fast?

Holy cow, it’s already the 15th!  Ugh … it’s zooming toward winter.  I am NOT ready.  I wonder how long I can stay in winter denial?!  Oh well, I’ll just enjoy the cooler days and hope the freezing cold is still 3-4 months away!

Poor Red has been poop bombed!  My neighbor … yes, THAT one … has been feeding this pigeon.    Saturday for my Pampered Chef Party, we parked red on the back drive.  Pigeon and the rest of its clan took aim and let loose!  I guess it was not happy the car was parked in the back.  If it starts doodoo dropping on the car in the front, I’ll have to take the broom to the neighbor’s bird.  Heck, I may take the broom to her also!!  Argh!!  No clue whatsoever!!

I got a call last week, before the position closed, to test for one of the jobs I had applied for.  Tomorrow morning is my testing date.  I’m nervous and excited at the same time.  I’m not sure what’s in store for me, but they said it could take about an hour and a half, maybe more.  Should be interesting.  Wish me luck!!

Other than that, not much else new.  We leave for Utah on Wednesday (next week) morning.  We aren’t sure how we will survive the 600 mile drive in Lil Red … do you think anyone would mind if we pulled into a rest stop, roll out of the car and lay on the ground until we can move?   LOL … should be an interesting trip.   Muttly is not making the trip with us.  He will be staying at the Canine Country Club!  Puhleeze!!!  LOL, I will actually enjoy NOT having to deal with him for five days!!

Well, it’s getting late and I should get some rest for tomorrow!   Talk at ya later!


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