I’d like you to meet “Red”


Here is a pic of our car.  Well, not our car, but ours looks like this, except there’s a bit more road rash on the hood.  Next thing to do is get the chips filled in.    I can’t tell if this one has a sun roof, but the one we drive does.  Of course, with hubby’s pre-cancerous spots, we don’t open the sun roof  in the day, so I guess it’s a moon roof!

Why am I finally showing you this picture?  Well, as I was zooming up the mountain today, I was trying to beat the turn signal light and went through the very “yellow” arrow on two wheels.  Hubby says to me, “You better not let Erik (our son-in-law) catch you driving his car like this!”  To which I replied, “But it likes going up and down the mountain … it’s like a race track!!” 

Yesterday, after work, I jumped into the car, started it up and no startie … it just went click click click click … but faster.  I was so glad when the guys I work with said it was the battery.  So one of my guy friends, popped the clutch to start the car and I zoomed off the mountain direct to the mechanics.  This mechanic is a gem!  He checked it out and switched the batteries.  He’s going to let me know if the company will take the battery as a warranty replacement or not, but either way, I was able to get the battery changed and to my meeting with plenty of time and no worries about starting.

This car loves the new battery power!  It vrooms right up as it starts instead of chugs to a start.  It’s like having a new car all over again. 

So, this is our new baby!  We’ve had it a couple of months now and I still love zooming around in it.  Hubby has a hard time getting in and out … there’s one good thing about me being short!!  Although we can’t figure out how our son-in-law got in and out of this car as he’s 6’4 or 5 or 6″  … just amazing!!

Well, I’ve taken my meds and I’m gonna eat my dessert, then it’s bed time.  Y’all have a great week!!

8 thoughts on “I’d like you to meet “Red”

  1. My first boss was a very large man who drove a tiny little two-seater sports car. It was kind of amazing watching him get in and out of that car. I swear he was bigger than then car.

    In Nebraska yellow mean step on it.

  2. I’d advise you to keep it under the speed limit, ‘youngin, but given your connections…

    In California, red means step on it if it hasn’t been red longer than five seconds.

  3. My husband is 6’2″, 240 lbs. and squishes himself into a 1994 Saturn every day to drive to work. I don’t know how they do it either! Ooh, and I love your Live Traffic Feed, how fun to know where all your readers are! I want one!

  4. HD – Next time we see our son-in-law, we are going to ask the secret of getting into the car. LOL on the yellow light.

    GH – I push the speed limit going to work, but coming home, I don’t. I figure, I’m just going home and now in a hurry to get there, like I am when I’m always late for work!

    GR&R – it’s just amazing! One of the owners of the company I work for is very tall around 6’7″. He used to race midgit cars. Now he races legend cars. I have NO idea how he gets into these things. I think he just sits and they put the car together around him! Thanks, on the cute car.

    MM – LOL, I like the moon roof also. Now to only go somewhere at night!

    S.LE – Thanks

    WLC – I think I’m listed as Dobegil on twitter. LOL, I haven’t been on twitter in a long time, not sure I remember how to log on.

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