Fighting to the Weekend

Have any of you had one of those weeks where it was a major fight to get to the weekend?  That is me and I’m sighing with relief that it is Saturday!!  We have one more week before the Holiday then, I’m not sure what the fall will have in store for me at work. 

So, I’m trying to gear up my Miche Business again.  I hate that I couldn’t do it this summer, as I was way too exhausted to even think about it.  Anyway, here are pictures of the August Releases:

The minis at the bottom are perfect for your daughters/nieces/cousins.  The diaper bag, I may start using as a Book/Tote Bag.  Look at all those pockets on the outside!  The Sandy Bag, comes with a changeable sash ribbon. 

I saw September’s releases at our meeting, they are so pretty, I cannot wait to get them!

If you have never been to my website OR if you’ve been there before, please VISIT AGAIN, as there are NEW Prices AND there are MANY shells on sale at HALF PRICE.  So check it out HERE!    Remeber, Christmas is just around the corner and I’m sure you know of someone with a birthday coming up soon.

Talk at you later, I have to take something for my knee.  Oh yeah, forgot to tell you, I tweaked it yesterday.  It really feels like something is out of place, hopefully it will find its way back quickly!



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