Thank you, God, for Fridays.

Today was almost like a normal summer day at work … almost … I am very happy the week is over with.   Ugh … I’m getting too old for this sh*t!!

The best thing was coming home and knowing I don’t have to go back until Monday.  Since we’ve been eating Smart Ones all week, I came home, looked at hubby and said … “I want meat!!  We are going out to dinner!!”  So we walked to the Mexican Restaurant down the street.  On the way we walked through the “Shine & Show” of classic hot rods and classic old cars.  I tried not to drool, but here’s a couple of pics

So Purdy!!!  After drooling, we made it to the restaurant and we both ordered the Carne Asada.  Yum!!  Then we splurged and had their fried ice cream.   We’ve just come home from walking, as we were so stuffed!!  It made for a great Friday night, though!!!  Now I’m medicated and ready for bed.  I’m going to start tomorrow early and hang out with my friend, Jen.  I can’t wait!!

The bears have become quite active at the lake this week.  I had several calls today about bear breakins.  I guess the other night, there was a bear on the beach at one of the nice restaurants along with lake.  They had a fire going in the pit and the bear was sittin next to the fire eating.   LOL, I mean really he was just eating, sitting by the fire and enjoying the view … Geesh!!  And all these humans were trying to interupt his peaceful dinner!!   Unfortunately, they called the deputies and they had to shoot him with rubber pellets to chase the bear away!  LOL, All I could think of was Yogi Bear and Booboo. 

At church, the pastor has been doing a series on Summer Block Buster Movies.  The first week was Iron Man 2.  Last week was Toy Story 3 and a great message on Leadership, whether it be at work, home or church.  I can’t wait to see what movie this weekend will cover!

Well, I guess I’ll go … I hope y’all have a great weekend.  I’m not sure what’s in store for me, but I am going to enjoy it!!


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