Shuddup, it’s my dayoff!!

That is what I’m telling my brain.  It keeps reminding me that I should go out and mow.  Instead, I’m answering long overdue emails and pretty much sitting on my rear in an already hot house. 

Our oldest daughter turned 32 on the 10th.  Thirty-Two … dang.  My baby son, turned 29 in July.  Next year will be a wierd year, as all three of our children will be in their 30’s.  Holy smokes … were did the time go?

The other day I woke up feeling funny.  I checked my blood sugar and it was 49.  Forty-nine!!  I was heading toward coma time, then dead!  I’m so thankful for waking up.   What I saw in my brain as I was waking was the Lost in Space robot, flailing his arms saying, “Danger,Will Robinson, Danger!”    I bet you can’t tell what show I watched while growing up!

I’m doing way better, had to adjust my meds and eat a bigger snack before bed.  My morning fasting sugars are the best they have been in a very long time.  Thank you SmartOnes, treadmill and walks with hubby.

Hubby is doing great!  He’s lost quite a bit of weight and he’s walking with me in the evening.  Plus he walks up to the physical therapist’s office to work out in his gym.  It’s nice to have my hubby back, one who wants to do something instead of sitting on the couch feeling miserable. 

One of my buds in NY posted this on FB.  Well, something along these lines as I can’t remember the full quote, but he said, let the gays have their marriage.  There’s no reason they shouldn’t be as miserable as the rest of us!   I laughed so hard.  Now … mind you … he LOVES his family and his wife, but he just cracks me up!     I can hear him saying that with his NY accent. 

Thinking about that, brought a question to my brain, which I’m going to ask all you married folks out there.  If you found yourself unmarried (spouse died, left, whatever …) would you marry again?

My answer right now is … no way!!!  Not because I don’t love my hubby, because I do.  Not because I’m not happy, because I am.  But we’ve been married going on 27 years, together for 28 yrs.  That’s a long time to know someone.  At the age I am right now, would I want to get to know someone like that again?  I dont’ think so.   I don’t have the energy for it.  If, God forbid, something happened to hubby, I would just go do what I wanted to do … who knows, maybe move to Belize and live off my retirement.  Maybe living on a caribbean island, my kids would then visit.  HAH, then again, maybe not, as they don’t visit now.    But, I would definately go somewhere near the ocean!

Yeah, okay, back to reality … it’s been a long road to the weekend.  The days took forever.  I turned the alarm off, thinking it was the weekend, only to figure out is was Wednesday.   UGH!

Same old stuff going on here.  The class of ’75 is having their high school reunion during Labor Day weekend.  I’m thinking of going, however, the day that would be the most fun is Friday night at the mixer.  Unfortunately, I have to work Friday so, not sure if I’m going to make it.  I’d actually graduated in the class of ’76, but the class of ’75 opened their reunion to the class of ’74 and ’76, since we all were at the school at the same time.  I think it would be a hoot!!  But, I guess we’ll see.  I may end up going to Saturday night, but I think Friday would be the best. 

Wow, already 10:30am … I guess I had better go.  Nice talkin’ at ya!  Y’all have a great weekend!!!!!!!!


6 thoughts on “Shuddup, it’s my dayoff!!

  1. I would NOT re-marry! EVER! Husband is the love of my life. I’d rather be alone. Besides, I have children and a grandchild. I don’t need more than that.

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