Warning – High rant going on here

Well, at least I made it to August before these Hoity Toity People got the better of me! 

Thursday this, hmm, how can I put it nicely, … person with her snotty hoity toity attitude … calls our office because she needs her screens rescreened.  I mentioned that she could bring them in and will save her from an extra fee for us to go into her area (almost to Truckee) to pick them up.  She thought about it and said that she didn’t think they would fit in her car and decided that she would pay the extra money.  I told her I would call her back as I didn’t know when we would be in her area. 

I asked the scheduler (one of the owners) and dang, if we weren’t in her area that day.  So I called her back and let her know so she could leave the screens out and our guy will pick them up and bring the back to the shop.  She asked when she’d have them back and I told her probably not until the next week as I wasn’t sure when we would go back to her area.  I told her if she wanted them sooner, she could pick them up at our office.  So we set it up to bring them back and drop them off at the gate house into her area.

Friday she calls, it was so hot in the house and she can’t open her windows can she get them on Friday.  I then told her that our screen person didn’t come in and I would have to ask if we could get them done for her.  However, there is no way we could bring them back, she would have to come and get them.  She said if we couldn’t get all the screens done (6 of them) she just needed 1 or 2 of them, which were marked 1 & 2 and drop off the rest next week, however, why does she need to pay a trip charge if we are in the area dropping them off.    So I had to explain the trip charge which was less than what we normally charge, which in hindsight was not enough!  She wanted to continue to argue and I told her I’d let her know when I asked one of the owners.

When one of the owners came back I asked him if he’d rescreen them.  After he ranted and raved about how he doesn’t do screens, I then told him that if we couldn’t get them all done, then she needs 1 & 2.  But I asked if he would do them all to get her out of our hair.   As he, under duress, started working on them, I walked back into the office.

After a few hours, he tells me to call her and let her know that her ^&)$%$ screens will be ready and she can start heading this way.  Before I had a chance to call, she calls us and wants to know what the status of her screens were.  I told her that he was working on all of them so she could start our way to pick them up.  (All the while I was thinking, hmm, did she buy a new car since I spoke to her yesterday, as she didn’t think her car would hold the screens?)  She then asked for directions and I proceded to tell her, then she cuts me off and tells me she has GPS.  I said okay, but the last person that used his GPS, the GPS told him he could go straight which would have made him go through a building.  So she sighs and takes the directions, getting them all mixed up, which I have to tell her again, slower, so she could write them down.  Not hard directions, coming from California, second stop light turn right.  One and a half blocks down on the left is a two story building and we are the maroon door.

An hour or so she calls and says she’s having a concierge service (AKA a handyman/caretaker) pick up the screens.     He arrives around 1pm takes them back to her as this was part of his interview process for her to hire him.  (Poor guy, I’d run fast and hard, because if she paid him a million bucks, it still wouldn’t be worth it!!)

Around 3pm she calls and instead of thanking us for doing her screens she’s bitching that the screen material was black and not gray and she wanted us to fix it.  She couldn’t believe if we didn’t have the right material why would we bother doing them!!  Then she says one of the screens leaves a gap and bugs will get through.  I explained that we didn’t do anything to her frames, they are the same thing as what was given.  All we did was change the mesh.  As for the color, they were the same color as what she had.  Again she’s bitching at me wanting it fixed right now.  As I explained over and over again, which she didn’t want to hear … I finally blew!  Not a pretty sight when I blow up at a customer!  I admit, I lost it and told her that if she wasn’t happy, then she could take her business to the shop in Truckee and did my famous slam the phone down.  (We know the person in Truckee  and he would have said “F.U. B*tch, and hung up)  I know that wasn’t nice of me, but being Friday afternoon, I was on my last nerve and dang if she wasn’t chomping away at it!

She called back and I put her through to the owner, who did her screens.  She wanted him to come out and look at the screen that had the gap so it could be fixed.  He proceded to tell her that if we came out, he’d charge her a $100 trip charge.  Of course she complained about me, but I really didn’t care.  I’ve dealt with her hoity toity attitude for 2 days and was frankly sick and tired of it. 

She proceded to tell him that she was interviewing for a concierge on her property, which my boss said, oh you mean handyman.  She corrects him and says, no a concierge.  So the boss tells her to send the screen back with the handyman and he’ll fix it. 

The boss comes in and tells me that she was real disappointed with me and I told him, that she could kiss my little brown ass!!  He said he’d pay me ten bucks if I called her and told her that!  Argh … Of course she didn’t mention the wanting to waive the trip charge.  I had $30 and the boss told her $100.  And of course, she didn’t bitch about the color of the mesh.  I asked my boss if she did and told him what she said.  My boss starts yelling, it’s the right color, her charcoal mesh have been faded from the sun.  If she wants to see it, I still have it in the trash.   She lives in an area where the houses are 4000 – 8000 square feet.  Is she too cheap to turn the A/C on at night … what the heck … blah blah blah.  *sigh*

I just looked at him and said, I know.


5 thoughts on “Warning – High rant going on here

  1. LOL – aren’t there just days when you want to do that? There is a dock in the back of the shop, I could put an inflatable slide and slide down it! However, there is glass in the back of the shop, the sound of breaking glass would make a better satisfying stress reliever. LOL … no wonder they keep the hammers and mallets away from me!

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