Quick, before I get all noodlie!!

I took a muscle relaxer, but  forgot I had a whole bunch of stuff to yack about.  So I will attempt to get out what’s on my mind … before it turns to mush.

First thing is Government Accounting – From past experiences, it is like this in most places, however …. I find it quite interesting that if a department stays within budget and still has money left to carry them through the end of the fiscal year, from being budget minded … then, how is it that those at the higher level, punishes that department, by telling them that they haven’t spent all their alloted money by March, when the fiscal year ends June 30?  So as a reward, that department loses money from their next fiscal year budget, because the money was not used.   What is wrong with this picture?????

Second – dang, what was second …. oh yeah, Our truck is gone.  I thought I would be okay about it, but I’m kinda sad as it was a good truck.  Oh well, life goes on!

Third – Car was in and out of the shop for a day, Check engine light came on again, but it’s has something to do with the gas cap.  Yay … nothing major.

Fourth – Oh yeah, I remember – since when is a court room to be treated like a weekend at clubmed?  What happened to dressing for court and not looking like you just got out of the lake, threw on a T-shirt and flip flops and showed up for court.  Not to mention, some people try to bring their little pup in a purse into court … Hello … what happened to respect?  I don’t care if court is in a little podunk town or in a big city … no matter where, one should dress respectfully AND LEAVE THE DAMN DOG AT HOME!!!

Fifth – Does anyone want a moody aging Jack Russell with bad teeth?  I’ll give him to you free!!  Argh!  I’m not sure why we would miss him!!

Sixth – Dang … starting to lose focus – oh, I was outside watering, and dang if I didn’t get bit just below my butt cheek!!  These dang biting bugs …

Seventh – our son-in-law married to our oldest daughter is in England for the month.  He’s in the reserves, doing his monthly drill. 

Eighth – This is Hot August Nights week/weekend.  Tomorrow there is an event in the little park in my town.  All the old muscle cars will be on show … I may have to walk down memory lane, while drooling.

Ninth – I want to go to San Francisco for the day … lol … just saying, maybe before the snow flies, I will.

Tenth – I’m reading, Crazy Horse and Custer.  What I’ve read so far is real interesting, however, I’ve only been able to read just before I fall asleep since I’ve been working full time this month.  I’ve had to renew the book, so now I have three weeks to get it read. 

Wow, I managed to get 10 things down … I think I’m going to stop here as I am no longer in control of what my fingers want to type … Have a great night and yay, we are on the down slide to the weekend!


4 thoughts on “Quick, before I get all noodlie!!

  1. -1- When I worked for the DOD, September was like XMas. They would come around asking what we wanted for our job (not what we needed). “You’re getting a new computer. But I don’t need … I Said, you’re getting a new computer. OK”
    -2- It’s hard to say goodbye to old friends.
    -3- That’s happened to me. Now when the light goes on, the first thing I do is remove the cap and put it back on tighter.
    -4- Dang Kids!!
    -5- No Thanks.
    -6- Freaking brown nosing, butt kissing bugs!
    -7- Hope he stays in England and doesn’t go … over there.
    -8- My first car was a t9 Camaro Z-28. I liked that car but it gave up the ghost after carrying me to California.
    -9- We may be there again sometime in 2011.
    -10- The Wife had a workshop at Fort Robinson (NW Nebraska near Chadron). Crazy Horse was murdered there.

  2. 1 – I wish I had a budget to work with!

    2 – *plays “Amazing Grace” for the truck*

    3 – Gotta love how general that check engine light can be…

    4 – Consider this: what if that WAS their best?

    5 – Ummmmm… I’m gonna go with No on that one, thanks.

    6 – Stock up on DEET!

    7 – Jolly good, guv’ner!

    8 – Try not to drool on the cars, those paint jobs are expensive!

    9 – You’ll be just about as cold in SF in the summer anyway…

    10 – I find those deadlines rather helpful, actually…

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