Posts are getting fewer and fewer

It isn’t that I don’t enjoy posting, it’s just my days have become busy and by the time I get home, I’m exhausted.

Thank you to all who kept my niece in your thoughts and prayers.  The funeral service was yesterday and I’m sure it was difficult to say goodbye to a 22 year old. 

I’ve posted this on facebook, but I have to tell you what I did yesterday.  I took the car to church.  I was invited by a friend to sit with them so I moved across the isle and sat down.  My friend had moved down and all was fine.  When service was over, the lady next to me left, so I grabbed my stuff and moved to the isle in front, so I could put my bulletin in my purse.  So I walk out of church toward the car and I couldn’t get the key in the lock.  I looked at the key and I noticed there are buttons to unlock and lock the car.  Now I don’t remember these buttons before, but I’ve really only been driving this car for about two weeks and I am still learning the ins and outs of this vehicle.  I’m pushing buttons, still no unlocking.  I tried the driver’s side, passenger’s side and the hatch and the key won’t go in.  So I call hubby and told him, he said that he’d meet me at the church in a bit.  As I hung up, I looked at the keys and noticed a cow keychain.  Now, I have different things hanging from my keychain, and I don’t remember a cow.  I turn the cow over and I see the golden arches.  I then realized I had my friend’s car keys.  I look up and I see my friend frantically searching her purse for her keys as she head back into the church.  I yelled for her and she comes back out and I proceed to tell her I had her keys.  The only thing we can think of is that in the moving process, her keys ended up near my purse.  I had forgotten my keys were in my purse.  So we are laughing and walking back to the car while a lady is standing at my friend’s car and asked if this car was hers.  She said yes, and we noticed the car door was standing wide open.  It must have happened while I was pressing the buttons.  I’m pretty sure this friend of mine won’t be inviting me to sit with her again. 

But the story doesn’t end there.  I made it home and called my sister to tell her the blond moment I was having.  Instead of calling my sister, I called a friend of mine in Vegas.  I’m sure she thought I was off the deepend as I proceeded to tell her the story.

But the story doesn’t end there.   I finally get ahold of my sister and she tells a story on her.  She had gone to the grocery store, in a hurry and was trying to get what she needed and get out.  There was an isle that was crowded, so she left her basket and wandered down the isle to grab what she needed.  She went back to the basket and continued shoppng.  As she was putting things in her basket, she noticed there were things in there that she hadn’t put in.  In her haste, she grabbed the wrong basket.  So she gets another basket and transfers her things into the new basket and leaves the other items in the first basket in one of the isles.  Once she was finished shopping she gets to the register and looks up, there is an older gentlement staring at the basket she had left with his things in it.  Since the basket was a couple of isles away, he just had one of those looks on his face trying to figure out why his basket was in that isle.  My sister felt bad, but she was laughing on the inside.  Not only did she leave her first basket somewhere, but she left this poor man’s basket a couple of isles away from him.  So, I guess I come by this dinginess naturally.  Getting older … something to look forward to … LOL

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