Interesting lesson I’m learning

Why is it so difficult to ask for help?  One tries to be adults and do the right thing, then the floor falls out from under and all one can do is ask for help.  Either that or pull their hair out or worse, go gray!! 

The worse thing in the world is letting one’s children know that you are in that place.  It’s very humiliating, embarrasing, frustrating and every other “ing” one can think of. 

So thankful to know that one’s children will come to their aid.  So painful to know that one’s children have to come to their aid.

Interesting lesson I’m learning, put aside one’s pride and ask  for help.  We were not put on this earth to go it alone.  God wants us to fellowship with others, bear each others burdens.  So painful and hard to do when its one’s children bearing your own burdens.

Thank you to my children and family.


2 thoughts on “Interesting lesson I’m learning

  1. I always wonder that myself, especially as it comes to The Parentage: as they age, will they be willing to come to me for assistance when they need it?

    And HD: help is okay, it’s directions you’re thinking of. 😉

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