Surgery went well, even though it was delayed 2 hours.  Doc had an emergency surgery, which put his scheduled surgeries behind.  I was worried he’d be tired, but when we met with him, he and the anesthesiologist were charged and ready to go.  As the doc said, “Don’t worry, I get better as the day/night goes on!”

Surgery was close to 4 hours.  So around 9pm they were done.  Hubby had a slight prob in recovery … his blood pressure was high and pretty unstable, so they didn’t get him to his room until 11:30pm.  With the high BP, the bleeding was more than usual and he didn’t look very good.  However, he was awake and talking.

I’m real pleased with the doc.  He was at the hospital until hubby got into his room, then when the doc left, he called the nurses every 30 minutes to check on his patients.  Since we were right next to the nurses station, I could hear them answer the phone and say hi to the doc.

Since he didn’t get out of surgery and recovery until late, the doc kept him another night.  Hubby was a little dissappointed that he didn’t get to come home yesterday, but he does realize it’s for the best.  I’m not sure how he’s supposed to take his regular meds when he gets home, but I guess we will figure that out.

There was a highlight to his day, well two actually.  There were Korean War movies on all day on the tele.  The CNA would come in to check on him and these guys would watch the movies together.  LOL, pretty funny!

He definately looked much better yesterday.  I’m getting ready to go to the hospital today so hopefully I’ll have a passenger on the ride home.

Hope y’all have a great weekend.  Talk at you later.


5 thoughts on “Surgery

  1. I’m so glad it went well!! I hope his BP goes down enough soon and that the two of you can go home. It’s good that he stayed the extra night if he really needed it so he’ll be a lot better when he goes home. 🙂

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