What a way to make me more nervous

Hubby says to me last night, “You are going to make sure they wake me up, right?”    I hate it when he does this!  Just makes me crazy!! 

He started to read up on the surgery, I told him to quit reading and turn off the computer.  He doesn’t need to know about all they are going to do.  They can tell him after!! 

I’m trying to stay in normal mode, but with his comments, it’s sure hard to just stay calm.   LOL, I may have to take two blood pressure pills on Thursday!  I hate waiting!!  I like GH’s idea that they should put in a coffee or drink bar in the waiting room!  I could go for a mixed alcohol/coffee drink!! 

I was thinking of putting the dog up in the doggy country club, but changed my mind.  It would be a good break to have to drive home, let muttly out and go to sleep.  That way I can go back to the hospital refreshed the next day.  Well, about as refreshed as I can be.  It’s  a good thing I have my lawn to water, it’s a zone-out chore for me, as I have to water by hand.

Now that I’ve got my rant off, what’s been happening in my world, besides going crazy!?  Friday night was the concert in the park.  The group was singing Beatle songs and from our house they sounded pretty good!  We ate dinner on our back patio sitting on the swing, listening and watching the tele through the window.  Around 8pm, hubby suggested we walk to the park, since he knew I wanted to go.  So we wandered a block and a half and the members of the band were dressed like the Beatle’s Sgt. Pepper’s albumn cover and the park was packed!!!  There was not an empty patch of grass anywhere.  So glad this band brought out a great crowd! 

Saturday his sis and her hubby arrived around 4pm.  They have 2 shelties and our muttly actually got along with them.  I was surprised!    Very well behaved shelties, unlike our muttly!  I made the mac and cheese, but added ground beef and onions.  It was yummy and I think I’m going to have left overs for lunch today!  They left early Sunday morning for their drive to Washington State.  I didn’t realize they only lived 10 miles from the ocean and at night they get the ocean breeze.  I’m thinking, there’s a trip to their house needing to be planned sometime this year! 

Sunday was Father’s Day.  Hubby heard from 2 of our 3 children.  LOL, long story, but … oh well, at least he heard from the two.  I don’t even hear from the missing one … but, c’est la vie! 

Monday I worked and it was actually busy!  Hoorah!  The co-owner that stays in the office all day, is expecting his first grandchild.  He’s waiting for the call, then he and his wife are heading west to the wine country for the birth.  He’s pretty excited!   

Here it is, already Tuesday!  I may go bury my head today.  However, tonight I have two parties to close out.  That will be nice, since they have been on my books for 10 days.

The book I picked up at the library to read during surgery, I’m over half  through.  I told hubby to read it as the characters were pretty funny.  Of course, he finished it in a couple of days, which I knew he would!   It’s a pretty fast read, well, that is if one is a fast reader.  Since I read when I’m in bed, I don’t get too far as the words start to blur and the book falls from my hands.  I guess I’ll have to buy the next book in this series, since it will be out this week.  I’ll have to get it on the way home tomorrow night, because I am sure we will be running late, as usual,  getting to the surgical center on Thursday. 

I hope y’all have a great week.  I should get out and water my yard before it gets too warm outside.

5 thoughts on “What a way to make me more nervous

  1. Yes, actually, he does need to know what they’re going to do. I would be the same.

    Here’s the thing (and bear in mind these are generalities): when women have medical problems, they seek emotional comfort; women are usually more in-touch with their emotions and that’s how they confront problems. Men want to know everything there is to know about the problem, solutions, potential complications, etc.; this is because dealing with facts is HOW guys deal with the stress of the situation. So, yeah, he needs to read so he can deal.

    And after all is said and done, we all hope you’ll post an update quickly! 🙂

  2. HD – I have no idea, but if you find out, let me know. Hubby reads by osmosis. Well, at least that’s how he used to study when he was working full time and going to school full time. He’d fall asleep on the open pages, then ace the test. Grrr!

    GH – LOL, you totally get him! Thanks for the reminder! He wants to know what kind of drills they are going to use … a Black and Decker or a Makita drill or Craftsman chisels … LOL … such a nut I’m married to. I will post, when I get home to let muttly out.

    • S.LE – We are reading the Stephanie Plum Series by Janet Evanovich. I’ve now read all 16, hubby just started. Since they are easy reads with quirky characters, he zips through them pretty fast.

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