Friday, already?

Where has the week gone??  I couldn’t tell you what we did earlier this week, because I haven’t a clue!  Hubby and I were trying to recall and it was a struggle just trying to figure out what we had for dinner earlier this week.  Hate it when the mind goes on vacation and doesn’t take us! 

Wednesday I worked all day and I’m thankful to say it is getting busier.  I’m working a half a day today and all day Monday to cover for the office manager who will be celebrating her ten year anniversary with her husband, who also happens to be one of the owners.  Then I work on Wednesday of next week.  After that, the dreaded surgery. 

I’m glad the office is getting busier.  They’ve asked me to work two days a week now.  I never thought I’d be excited about it, but I am.  I can play catch up on some of my bills before my hours get cut again over the winter. 

I’m not sure I am up to waiting at the hospital alone again, for hubby’s  third surgery.  The first two times I struggled through waiting.  This time I am so nervous about waiting and I don’t know why that is.  I want our oldest daughter to come out but then she has two small children so that wouldn’t be fair for her to struggle with her children’s activities and come out here to keep me company.  I just don’t understand why I’m not wanting to wait alone.   Oh well, silly me I guess.

The days have been beautiful here.  The sky is that rich blue and the cloud formations are so interesting.  I can’t believe spring is almost over as it really has just started here.

Hubby’s sis and her husband will be here tomorrow.  They had so much to do today, that they decided to just leave on Saturday instead.  It works for me as I have one more day to finish putting the house together and figure out something to make for dinner.

We did unwrap the swing and have it set up out on the back patio/drive.  It’s nice to sit out there and watch the tele through the window.  Hubby’s been out there a couple of times, but the bugs just LOVE him.  There’s that new personal  bug repelent device that has a fan.  I may have to get that and put a couple of them around so the flying blood suckers will leave us alone.    I’ve sprayed the whole back patio/drive with bug killer, it’s just those small flying biting insects that still come through.

Well, I guess I should get a few things done before I get ready for work.  Y’all have a great Friday!!


5 thoughts on “Friday, already?

  1. Hope your Hubby does well.

    We have such a beautiful wooded yard but can’t spend time outdoors unless there’s a stiff breeze because of pony-sized mosquitoes!!

    What do you mean is it Friday already? It’s nearly JULY already! That’s what amazes me!

  2. S.LE – Yikes on the mosquitos … however, the wooded yard sounds fabulous! I can’t believe July is so close either! Another year zipping right along!

    MM – LOL, yeah, sometimes I hear snippets of others conversations and wonder how they get through life on a daily basis!

    GH – I definately like the coffee & bar idea!! Irish Coffee anyone?

    HD – Welcome back. I forgot you went on your trip! I’ll let you know on that fan bug thingy … I haven’t got one yet, but I can’t wait to try it.

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