Carson Valley Days, celebrating 100 years

I woke this morning and remembered the parade.  As the parade was going to line up and start a few block from my house, I decided to get up and wander down the street.   It’s been a long time since I went to a daytime parade. 

I had the perfect seat on a park bench along the street.  Then the lady selling buttons told me I could either buy a button or get thrown in jail.  LOL, of course I didn’t have any money.  So I told her to hold my seat and I’ll go into the restaurant and get a coffe and change.  Unfortunately, the line was long, and the lady had to go.  When I finally got my coffee and danish as well as $5.00, I went back outside.  My bench was still free, but another person with buttons was waiting.  So I gave her my money and proudly put my button on my jacket.  It would have been a kick to get thrown in their jail, as it was being dragged behind these ladies with a truck.  HAH, one way of being in the parade.  The bad thing, is … I don’t know enough people here that would bail me out!

There was a really cool steam engine tractor as one of the entries.  I thought of taking a picture after it passed, but you can  still see it.

Only in Northern Nevada would there be an entry of saloon girls … LOL … okay, maybe also in Deadwood, SD.  But this was pretty fun.  It was advertising the Genoa Bar.

There was another float with saloon girls and cowboys playing poker at a table as part of another float.  I forgot which company they represented, I just thought it was cool.  I love going up to Virginia City on the weekend.  The shop workers usually dress up in clothes from the old west.

One of the ladies along the parade route, was kind enough to take a pic of me, while we were waiting for the parade to start.  All my hair is in a ponytail.

That was my morning.  Now I guess I should try and tackle our back room, so I can move my Miche Bag stuff  out of the guest room and into the back room.   We are expecting company on the 16th or 17th, although I haven’t heard from them yet.   It would be hubby’s sis and her husband as they drive through during their move to Washington State from Las Vegas.

Y’all have a good weekend!!  Talk at ya later.


5 thoughts on “Carson Valley Days, celebrating 100 years

  1. S.LE – Thanks. There was probably carnival food at the end of the parade route. I was watching at the beginning. I do love funnel cakes, they are quite yummy!!

    GH – LOL, sorry, that song does pop into my mind at odd times.

  2. HD – so true. However, I never went to a parade in Lincoln. The only one I’ve been to was the Helldorado Parade in Las Vegas and in my teen years, I was marching in that parade with the school band.

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