Doc’s surgical recomendation

We knew for sure a tonsillectomy and a septoplasty.   What we didn’t realize was that he’ll have to reshape the soft palate to remove the uvula (that piece of flesh that hangs down at the back of the throat).  If this wasn’t bad enough, he will also have his left sinus cleared out surgically.  But wait, it gets better … he has an enlarged tongue.  No, not like Gene Simmon, I said enlarged, not extra long … anyways … the reason he can’t lay down is that the tongue doesn’t lay normal.  The enlarged part blocks his airways, which is one of the reasons he has a hard time sleeping.  

So in addition to all the other stuff, they have to stitch his tongue in place and anchor it with a screw in his jaw.  How many of you just cringed?!?!?!    All I can say is YEOW!!! 

He will remain in the hospital for a day or two.  The doc wants to make sure he’s managing the pain okay.

The septoplasty is painful just by itself, however, add the tonsils, the sinus and the tongue, I cannot imagine the pain and I’ve birthed two children!!  They were C-Sections, but still!

We still are in waiting mode.  The Doc’s scheduler is out of the office until Wednesday 6/9/10. 

I have a prayer request for this whole thing. 

  • That the doc has steady thorough hands.
  • That the anesthesialogist is successful in bringing him out of lala land.
  • That surgery is successful with no complications during surgery.
  • That hubby’s pain level isn’t as bad as we are expecting.  He has a very low threshold for pain.
  • That recovery is quicker than anticipated.
  • That he feels 200% better once recovered.
  • That the surgery is scheduled in Jun, 2010 before my insurange changes on July 1st.
  • For calmness, comfort and peace as he goes through this ordeal while I sit and wait.

Thanks all!!


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